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Chaká house in Mérida, México designed by Quesnel Arqs

The Mérida-based architectural firm Quesnel Arqs has designed ''Casa Chaká'' a single-family home that located in Mérida the vibrant capital of the Mexican state of Yucatán

Project description by the architects:

The Project is located in the north of the city of Merida, in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. The project is located within one of the main urban areas which has seen very high growth over the years. The project is located on an irregularly shaped terrain, which is conceived as an urban oasis. It is a space for pause and integration of nature. The architectural program is developed in three volumes, on two levels, with a central courtyard that articulates and integrates the outdoors through large openings, thus privileging the entry of natural light and ventilation throughout public and private areas of the project

two small pool at the backside of the house image © Manolo Solis

pool with a wall side with green plants image © Manolo Solis

The central courtyard becomes the heart of the composition resulting in a changing space and putting the user in direct contact with the outside. This can be seen from the moment one enters the house, having as a first sensation of a double-height, open space which visually finishes the whole project.

a central courtyard with water and green wall letting the natural light enters the house image © Manolo Solis

The public area is distributed on the first level and is articulated by a general circulation that crosses the entire project. The entire project, having as a frame the central courtyard, weaves itself to expand to make space for the kitchen, then finishes in the living room. The living room, in turn, is integrated with the terrace at a double height. The upper part of the project is the most private area, with general circulation that connects two rooms, it manages to integrate the central courtyard while having more restricted visuals to moderate and regulate light. This generates a more pleasant environment to relax and enjoy private space.

Ground Floor PlanGround Floor Plan

First Floor PlanFirst Floor Plan


Within the fine finishes of the project, we can see the perfect integration of local Mayan culture. The project uses the resin of a regional tree called "chukum" to create fine stucco, which once applied emphasizes the endemic character of the house and eliminates the maintenance of it. The Mayan cream stone in the floors reinforces the rustic atmosphere; the dark tones of the wood throughout the project and within the furniture creates a unique feeling of integration with the exterior.

kitchen with glass wall near Courtyard with green wall in the center of the house image © Manolo Solis

a big glass wall letting the natural lights enter the kitchen from interior courtyard image © Manolo Solis

opened slide door connecting living area with terrace image © Manolo Solis

Chaká house in Mérida, México designed by Quesnel Arqsimage © Manolo Solis

a big wooden table in the living area image © Manolo Solis

pendant lamp hanged over dining table image © Manolo Solis

a glass round table near tow armchairs image © Manolo Solis

kitchen island made with black marble stone image © Manolo Solis

modern kitchen with black marble stone image © Manolo Solis

corridor of the house image © Manolo Solis

the floor of corridor made with parquet image © Manolo Solis

Chaká house in Mérida, México designed by Quesnel Arqsimage © Manolo Solis

long windows on near the floor image © Manolo Solis

black leather office chair image © Manolo Solis

Chaká house in Mérida, México designed by Quesnel Arqsimage © Manolo Solis

indoor garden with tress and water image © Manolo Solis

L shape dark grey sofa at living area image © Manolo Solis

lighting at the ceiling of the bathroom image © Manolo Solis

reflection of the light in the pool image © Manolo Solis

modern kitchen image © Manolo Solis

a huge stone in the indoor garden image © Manolo Solis

Chaká house in Mérida, México designed by Quesnel Arqsimage © Manolo Solis

dressing room image © Manolo Solis

exterior of the house made of glass and stucco image © Manolo Solis

indoor garden image © Manolo Solis

palm tree with tropical plants used in the exterior garden image © Manolo Solis

swimming pool image © Manolo Solis

car parked in the front garage image © Manolo Solis

a car parked in the parking of the house image © Manolo Solis

the exterior facade of the home image © Manolo Solis

an audi car parked in the garage of the house image © Manolo Solis

the backyard of the house image © Manolo Solis

Rooftop Plan Rooftop Plan 

Section A & BSection A & B

Section C, D, ESection C, D, E

Architectural elevation

Architectural elevation detail



Project name: Casa Chaká

Architecture firm: Quesnel Arqs

Design: Carlos E. Quesnel Moguel

Collaborators: Alejandro Gurrutia, Roberto Martín Avilés, Guillermo Puerto Cámara, Michael W. Hernández Martínez, Lucia Von Haucke Medina

Location: MéridaYucatánMexico

Year: 2014

Area: 332.95 m²

Photography: Manolo Solis

Builder: Proesur


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