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The lake house designed by WAFAI

The Turin-Italy based architecture and design practice WAFAI has designed "The lake house'' that located in Switzerland

Project description by the architect: 

The concept evolves around a dynamic open space that will start to move since the entrance as you walk inside the house towards the main facade that opens
 toward the lake making the light flow inside and complement the simple yet cozy interior design that emphasized by a sculpted wooden staircase that imposes
 the main house space of the residential living room. The dynamic exterior lines will lead the eyes towards the forest and merge the house in the environment gently without bothering the sky/forest scene.The wood/glass wall/roof moves progressively provide natural sunlight and a panoramic view of the sky and the forest.

The main spine moves upward gently directing the eye to the forest

The Waterfront/Lake Facade

The twist as seen from above the entrance and how the wall is turning into the roof

The relation between the mass and the water

The other side of the story where everything is silent and imposing nature

The Dynamic yet cozy interior space imposed by the sculpted wooden stair


Architect: WAFAI

Location: Switzerland

Year: 2018-2019

Tools used: Rhinoceros 3D, Autodesk 3ds MaxVrayAdobe Photoshop

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