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Philosophy of moderation: neoclassical apartment in Astana, Kazakhstan by Kvadrat Architects

Project name:
Philosophy of moderation: neoclassical apartment in Astana
Architecture firm:
Kvadrat Architects
Astana, Kazakhstan
Gleb Kramchaninov
Principal architect:
Rustam Minnekhanov, Sergey Bekmukhanbetov
Design team:
Rustam Minnekhanov, Sergey Bekmukhanbetov
Poliform (sofa), Centrsvet (lighting), Villeroy&Boch (sanitary ware), Tubądzin (porcelain stoneware), Ekaterina Parichyk (Text), Rustam Minnekhanov (Masters of image style), Sergey Bekmukhanbetov (Masters of image style)
Built area:
180 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Interior design:
Rustam Minnekhanov, Sergey Bekmukhanbetov
Environmental & MEP engineering:
Civil engineer:
Kvadrat architects
Structural engineer:
Kvadrat architects
Kvadrat architects
Wood, stone
Kvadrat architects
Kvadrat architects
Kvadrat architects
Tools used:
Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD
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Kvadrat Architects: In the capital city of Kazakhstan, a modern apartment with neoclassical touches is located in a residential complex surrounded by the two beautiful parks. The peculiarity of the apartment lies in the architectural approach, in a sense of balance, in love for the combination of natural materials and textures that are reflected in this project. The owner of the apartment appealed to the interior design studio after she experienced the effect of déjà vu. She saw the interior of her neighbor’s apartment, and it turned out to be a mirror copy of her own: an identical layout, the location, size of the paintings on the walls, and other similar elements. The fact is that the developer of this business-class residential complex rents out apartments already with a fine finish, furniture, and appliances, therefore, all the solutions are standard. The main task faced by the design studio team was to express the individuality of the owners – a married couple with a child, their desires, worldview, emotions through the interior.

If initially the family was set up for a classic interior, then during the dialogue the vector changed towards a modern interior with neoclassical elements. The elements of ergonomics and geometry of the apartment are completely in the spirit of the time, but the classic elements are easy to read – these are the wishes of the owners.The layout of the apartment turned out to be successful, therefore the reorganisation of the space was done quite gently. Some of the rooms that interfered with the overall concept were removed from the layout and a technical kitchen and internal storage systems were organised instead. The problemof the absence of zones interacting with each other was solved by forming a circular movement in the space of the apartment. 

The palette of light shades prevails in the central area of the apartment, in the bedroom and in the owners’ bathroom. In the interior, nature speaks itself in the form of materials, textures and their combinations. The main element of visual zoning is veneered panels in the central space on the walls, and in the office this solution is displayed in the details of the storage structures and on the desktop. Single objects only emphasize the general atmosphere of harmony and balance of the entire space. Perhaps only the children’s bedroom stands out from the general conceptual range. The clients ten-year-old son prefers niches and hiding places for playing, so a bunk bed with a net and tatami mats was put up for this purpose, and in the wall, is created a niche that is convenient for reading.

By Alfredo Gonzalez

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