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Based on the concept of the void as an articulator between the existing and the new, a compact volume is cut out from which different elements are extracted and displaced to enhance the morphological reading of the project, achieving the disunity between the new and the old and incorporating the vegetation in the voids, creating a new ambiguous spatial experience between the interior and the exterior.

The design philosophy of this project depends on its name.....flyfall means flying and then falling. At the beginning of entering the project, in order to access more personal relationships and deeper levels of spatial relationships and circulation, one must climb to the central villa and then fell to the villa below.

Cambyses Architecture Studio: A metaphor of the creator of the creation, fire and water, death and life, past and future, a meaningful conflict between building and time, composition and discontinuity, are the main idea of this design in the sense that the existence of various geometric shapes in ancient and Iranian architecture at the same time With mysterious and meaningful historical facts.

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Eva´s House is a house that adapts to the pre-existing structure with 112 sqm2 of construction, a very narrow and anonymous facade where the design proposal directs us to work on an idea of free plan leaving the structural elements in evidence.

Roots a contemporary apartment devoted to Ukrainian roots and Ukrainians who made a significant contribution to world history. The designers’ task was to conduct research on Ukrainian heritage and implement symbolic elements into the interior solutions.