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4 Summer Upgrades for Your Outdoor Space

Written by:
Liliana Alvarez
Marcelo Donadussi (Galeria 733 Headquarters)

If you want to make the most of your outdoor space this summer, then now is the perfect time to start thinking about doing some upgrades. Often, it doesn’t take a lot to take your garden or backyard to the next level and there are several things that you can do even if you are on a small budget to turn it into a space where you love to go and relax on a warm day or a summer evening. Whether you have a blank canvas to work with or simply want to make some improvements to an already well-loved outdoor space, here are some ideas to consider.

New Fences

The fencing can make all the difference to the appearance and feel of an outdoor space. If your fencing is getting old and worn, then replacing it with new ones can lift the space massively and make it feel like an entirely new garden. If you don’t already have fencing, or the fencing you do have does not offer much privacy, then taller fencing can also help with this. A sliding gate fence from Fence Depot Co can be a good idea for houses with shared access to gardens, or for dividing a large garden into different sections.  


If your seating area in your outdoor space could use an improvement, there are many reasons to consider adding decking. Decks are modern, comfortable and can be decorated any way that you like since most of the popular materials are easy to customize with outdoor paint. Decking is a great way to add a space to your garden that you can use for relaxing in the sun, entertaining guests, or dining outside with your family; it’s entirely up to you. You can find reasonable decking contractors or even have a go at building your own if you want a project for the summer.

Lighting Upgrade

Upgrading the lighting in your outdoor space might be all it takes to give the entire area a new lease of life. Solar lighting is a great choice for any garden as it spends all day charging from the sun’s rays to create light in your garden at night. You can get automatic security lights, pathway lights or even twinkling fairy lights depending on your main aim for the lighting.

DIY Garden Furniture

Garden furniture can be seriously expensive, but there are plenty of options to consider if you would like to have a go at making your own. Over the past few years, pallet garden furniture has gotten very popular as it’s an easy way for anybody with a few basic skills to make a chair, sofa, table and other furniture items for the garden, while being eco-friendly through recycling wood at the same time. Add some cushions, and you can easily create comfortable garden furniture that looks great from a few unwanted pallets.

If you want a garden that you can enjoy this summer, consider making some of these great upgrades to take the space to the next level.

By Liliana Alvarez

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