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5 Signs Your Bathroom Needs a Renovation

Written by:
Mallory Knee
Lissete Laverde

If you’ve been in a house for many years, you may not notice when some things are not with the current times or if they’re falling apart. Your bathroom should not be a room you ignore since overlooking flaws can lead to serious repercussions. These five signs your bathroom needs a renovation are too important to ignore.

1) It’s Outdated

If your bathroom looks like it did four presidential terms ago, it’s time to give it a bit of a makeover. The renovating progress begins when something speaks to your internal interior design. The easiest place to start is by picking out a new paint color.

You may go on to planning and implementing additional ornamental touches after settling on a new color. Your sense of style and taste will naturally shine through. You shouldn’t settle on anything you’re unsure about. The last thing you want to do is hate the results because you were penny-pinching. Opting for something personal to you is the best strategy to ensure you love your new lavatory.

2) Too Many Things, Not Enough Room

Older bathroom layouts didn’t always feature the most cohesive floor plans. They often prioritize fitting as many features as possible over the style of it all. But modern tastes have changed, and many want to avoid making their spaces feel small and cramped.

It’s possible to entirely revamp a bathroom’s layout to maximize space and heighten the sense of luxury with a little creative thinking. Maximizing your bathroom’s potential is now easier than ever because the “less is more” way of living is becoming more popular. Focus on the functionality of any décor items you add, and ensure the space is usable above all else.

3) Lacks Storage

The reason why your bathroom walls feel like they’re closing in can be because it lacks the proper storage. You may not find this an issue if you’re living alone or with one other person, but you will feel the pain if you have kids—especially if you’re dealing with teenagers. You can take only so many toiletries on the sink counter before you’re ready to pick out some new RTA cabinets and finally organize your bathroom.

4) Obvious Damage

A bathroom should be easy on the eyes, but that won’t happen if you treat it like a locker room. If you only view your bathroom as a place to clean yourself and do your business, it will deteriorate rapidly, potentially leading to obvious and severe damage. Stains, weak flushes, clogged faucets, and chipped or cracked tiles are red flags you shouldn’t hesitate to fix.

5) Leaks Leading to Mold

It’s possible to look past chipped paint, small stains, and chipped tiles, but once the leaks and mold come into play, that’s a wrap on your current bathroom. A leaky faucet, toilet, or sink may cause extensive damage to your property. The situation will only worsen if the water sneaks behind the walls or under the floor.

A little leak might result in a lot of trouble—like mold—since it goes undetected for so long. As a result, it’s important to be vigilant and notice even the smallest leaks. It’s also important to fix things before they become any worse.

Recognizing these five signs your bathroom needs a renovation should motivate you not to let these things persist and be proactive about making changes. While it’s not fun to turn your home into a construction zone, it’s a necessary evil if you want an improved, fully-functional bathroom.

By Liliana Alvarez

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