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7 Reasons Why Good Architecture Matters

Written by:
Gabrielė Meliūnaitė
Ricardo Gomez Angel

Designing the structure of a building is not an easy task and is given to only those fit for the task. Some may assume that there is nothing difficult about creating a design. But once you take a minute to appreciate the architectural elements around you, you begin to see the intricacies involved.

In previous years, people who head to land-based casinos usually had one good thing or the other to say about the structural designs. But now that people mostly play live casino online, the beauty of architecture seems to be lost on them.

However, numerous iconic structures display the beauty of a good design. Thus, it becomes essential to look into why good architecture matters. And this we shall do in this article.

Quality Of Life

When people say that good architecture affects your quality of life, it is often misunderstood. This is because they look at it from a literal standpoint instead of the indirect manner it is intended.

Imagine seeing a building where the most exciting thing is just the same old four walls and a door. It holds no intrigue, no designs to add to its appeal. Thus, this is what people mean by quality of life.

A great architectural building beautifies and incorporates art and creativity to excite daily living. Some would even argue that good architecture and design help foster a kind of community bond in neighborhoods. The best architects know how to design a tiny and unimpressive home and transform it into a very appealing one.

Economic Implications

The quality of the architectural design will determine the quantity that leaves your pocket. In other words, if you wish not to spend too much on your building, good architecture is what you need. This way, it continues to drive economic flow while you spend less.

To do this, you are not looking at only the external esthetics; you’re going beyond. And so, there are various factors that you must consider when designing a building for whichever reason. For this purpose, you can ask the following questions:

What’s the purpose of the building? Where will it be located? How much human traffic is to be expected within the building?

All these questions will help your design choice so you can create a space, particularly for the project at hand. The best architecture can house several people comfortably within a small space while giving the economic benefits needed.

Cultural Significance

If you look around, one of the ways different cultures and traditions are represented is through their architecture. History has revealed that by examining buildings that existed during a particular era, one can deduce the customs and lifestyles of those who lived there.

Take, for instance, the Sphinx and the Egyptian pyramids. These ancient structures have undoubtedly shaped how we view older civilizations in relation to their lands, religions, and rulers. By looking at how the Sphinx protected their temples and tombs, it’s easy to understand that they showed value and respect to past leaders.

In addition, gothic era structures are symbolic of the Middle Ages based on the perception of historians. Even now, cathedral buildings with their towering roofs hold their significance.

All in all, the value of good architecture lies in its ability to portray cultural representations.

Tourism Appeals

For those who like to travel to new places and see the world, places with impressive architectural structures are commonly visited. This is because the scenic beauty holds some type of appeal for tourists in search of vacation spots. And this, in turn, brings in more revenue from tourism.

The locals boast that the surrounding structures and buildings are unique in these tourist destinations. Thus, tourists will surely get a custom experience unlike any they have seen in other parts.

Good Flow Creation

This may sound somewhat confusing, but it is only pointing to the fact that a good building should be easy to move around in. This is what is known as a building’s flow. Good flow allows for more efficiency in people’s lives - it makes human traffic less cumbersome within a building.

Societal Development and Community Formation

In a way that is difficult to explain unless you experience it, good architecture forms an avenue that allows cultural and societal progression. In the same way time moves, architecture also progresses and encourages society to develop healthier habits.

Also, offering an environment where people can hone their skills and talents alongside others helps foster a sense of community. This way, architecture gives people a purpose to live.

Helps Build A Legacy 

Do you want your company to leave its mark in history books? Besides being productive, creating innovative architecture is one way to do this. All the symbolic buildings and structures we see out there all began with the formation of a thought in an architect’s mind.

Thus, developing a creative and one-of-a-kind design is a great way to build your legacy. Some common such designs are the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, and the Sydney Opera House.

Closing Words

Architects do not seem to get enough credit as much as they deserve. They are the ones who have the vision that materialized in the buildings around us. Thus, from the points listed above, you can see why good architecture is important in day to day living.

By Liliana Alvarez

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