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Cost Budgeting for Decks and Patios in Construction Projects

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Ahmad Raza

Decks and patios create the most welcoming spot into your home where you chill, relax, have a cup of coffee with your loved one and make the best memories.

Are you making plans to build a lavish patio in the backyard of your home? If yes, this budgeting guide will give answers to a bunch of your queries. It is time to expand your personal entertaining space, increase home value, enjoy high ROI and improve aesthetic appeal in one-go.

Average cost of building a deck and patio

The estimated cost to build a deck is $20 per square foot. The rate may go up if you want to bring more of an extravagant look to this space. Mostly the decks are composed of lumber framing and plywood sheathing. There are framing estimators out there that can help you in getting accurate lumber takeoffs for deck construction.

Important factors that decide the total budget is the decking material and labor cost. Remember that the price eventually gets increase if you prefer a high-end designed deck that carries a top-of-the-line look, offer plenty of room and surrounded with high-quality wood.

Furthermore, the budget-friendly decking materials are softwoods and that includes pine and cedar. On the other hand, the expensive picks are exotic wood, composite, as well as PVC. Though they are costly but more durable and heavy-duty than softwood decks!

Different decking and patio materials

     - Pressure-Treated Lumber: You must have spotted many decks and patios made of pressure-treated lumber. This material remains resistant to rot, bugs and insects but it cannot withstand harsh weather. It ultimately cracks, wear and tear if it heavily rains. Its average price is $6 to $9 per square foot.

     - Cedar: It looks naturally beautiful and guarantees to be rot-resistant. You will find it extremely soft wood. Its estimated price is $3 to $7 per square foot.

     - Redwood: It is another great material pick for building a deck and patio. On average, its rate is $6 to $7 per square foot and shows maximum resistant to warping and insect damage.

     - Bamboo: It is believed to be the most budget-friendly decking material. Moreover, it assures a longer life and cost $2 to $4 per square foot.

     - Composite: This one is a green option that you can have. Note that it is composed of recycled plastics and wood byproducts. The USP is that it is 100% maintenance-free. But cost slightly high, $11 to $16 per square foot.

     - Ipe: It is an indestructible hardwood type that not only looks beautiful but an expensive decking material too. $15 to $16 per square foot is its approximate price.

Average Deck and Patio Installation Costs

You must seek professional services when installing a deck. These experts exactly know how the whole building process goes from designing and layout, leveling the space, supporting beams to final touches. The average labor rate is $9 to $21 per square foot.

Decking Styles and their average cost

     - Platform Deck: It generally rests at ground level and looks highly appealing.

     - Multi-Level Deck: It is an advanced decking style that you can prefer. Besides, it requires more lumber and professional is always needed to install it.

     - Raised Deck: It is a typical decking style that rests a few feet off the ground level! This style is accompanied by stairs and railings and its average price is $31 to $61 per square foot.

     - Wrap-around decks: They are connected to the home and price around and about $5000 to $17000 based on a total square foot your deck has!

     - Intricate-designed deck: This decking style has multiple patterns and curves embossed.

     - Built-in seating styled deck: Such a decking area has small in size prefabricated seats installed.

     - Floating decks: At times, they are known as freestanding decks. They need immense maintenance and not connected to your home.

Framing cost of decks and patios

It depends on the joist size, materials and how many support posts you require that helps you calculating the total framing cost. Larger joists remain costly and standard joints are budget-friendly.Rest, we have seen that design, pattern/layout and size of the deck are other important factors too.

Levelling and preparing the surface: Estimated cost

Before you build a deck, you need to level and prepare the surface. On average:

     - Deck removal rate is $6 to $11 per square foot.

     - To level and grade land, its price is $700 to $3500.

     - Excavation approximate rate is $50 to $210 per cubic yard.

     - Clearing land charges $110 to $700 for a quarter acre.

Add-on costs

Add-on costs include running electric wires, installing fire pit, placing furniture, and flooring, heater, misting system, patio bar, planters, railings, stairs and privacy screen.

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By Liliana Alvarez

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