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Easy Steps to Make a Space Feel Large

Written by:
Amy Fleming
Lissete Laverde
Do you want to add more style to a small space? Let's consider our valuable tips on how to make your small room seem much more spacious than it actually is.

Utilize Our Effective Tricks

There are many benefits of having a small room. It is easier to decorate, keep clean, and organize a smaller space. But if you work at home, for example as an online essay writer you need your room to seem spacer,  you can make use of special interior design-inspired tricks.

Experiment with Color Techniques

You may wonder what colors can make a small room seem bigger? The answer is simple: while your room will seem small due to medium shades, very light colors or very dark colors will create contrast. The delusion of wider space will appear.

Get Rid of Clutter

For those who do not know how to make small spaces look bigger, we have an easy and effective method. Begin with cleaning your room. Too much stuff makes your room feel cramped. You can utilize baskets for keeping toys, blankets, and other things. After you put all stuff in designated spots, you will eliminate clutter. Now your room looks more spacious.

Remove Things from Walkways

It is obvious that placing a large cupboard in the center of your small room is a bad idea. You should replace the furniture that blocks the view into a room. Because of it, your space looks cramped. After you remove furniture from passages, you will feel the difference. Your space will be expanded. Tall furniture you can place along a wall. Do not place subjects in the open space. If you possess the possibility to see the floor, your space will look larger.

Spread Light Evenly

Everyone is used to utilizing ordinary overhead light. But what if we say that utilization of a few lamps will be better. Especially if you own a student room, a few lamps will assist to spread light evenly around the room. This will not only make the room feel more spacious but also simplify the studying process. You can concentrate on reading books and studying materials easier. Besides, this method can be handy for rooms with limited natural light.

Use Glass

Glass is a material through which you can see everything. Utilizing it in your small space will assist not only to see through, but things will appear farther away. For instance, replace your opaque glass shower enclosure. Instead, place a clear and frameless shower enclosure. Your bathroom will stay the same size. Nevertheless, it will look more spacious. Moreover, glass is a perfect material for tabletops. Their base made of such materials as wood, metal, or stone together with glass will open an overview around the desk.

Utilize Reflective Surfaces

The utilization of a large framed mirror will create the room-enlarging effect. No matter where you place it: against or on a wall. It is similar to the mirrored wall, but the large framed mirror is more stylish. Your room and lighting will be mirrored. This will lead to a feeling more open. Moreover, if you place a mirrored chest of drawers, you will achieve a similar effect.

Establish Focal Point

You may be interested in what focal point means. It is an object or area that attracts people's attention. For instance, the table is a focal point in the dining room. The bed is a focal point in the bedroom. Your task is to make this focal point the "center of attention" of the room. Take into consideration furniture placement. Make an accent to that area where your focal point is situated.

Utilize Rugs

While other people deviate from the trend of using rugs, you can benefit from them only. With the help of rugs, you will possess the possibility to define the spaces. They can lead to the appearance of the illusion of a larger area. Rugs will assist rooms to feel finished.

Place Large Furniture

This method does not mean you should clutter your room with several large pieces of furniture. The proper solution is placing a few large pieces of furniture instead of several smaller pieces of furniture. Your space will stay open, and your room will be cozier.

Final Words

If you wondered how to make a small space seem wider, we hope after reading our article you picked up several helpful tricks for you. Moreover, there are many other ways for making rooms feel expansive. Experiment with color techniques, furniture placement, creative lighting design, and you will gain success in making your room much more spacious.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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