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Exploring Architectural Design Trends in Canadian Land-Based Casinos

Written by:
Charlotte Adams
Michal Dolnik

Canada is the home of some of the most grand and beautiful traditional casinos you can find in the whole world. In the modern days, players seem to forget about these beautiful establishments due to the accessibility of online gambling platforms. Yes, it is easy to play those favorite casino games on the smart devices in your hands; however, they can’t come close to the feelings that land-based casinos in Canada bring up in everyone lucky enough to visit them. Everything about them brings a unique experience to the players, but probably the most important thing about them is the design. The architectural design of a traditional casino establishment is crucial for its success; therefore, we wanted to explore them further.

The Canadian Gambling Culture

When we are talking about Canadian casinos, we need to understand the approach that the people in this country have when it comes to gambling itself. Understanding that will make things clearer when you get the opportunity to check this Canada casino guide and see these amazing establishments. People here love the chance to test their luck, compete in the casino classic games, or simply want to earn some extra money. All these things can be achieved by engaging in poker, blackjack, roulette, slots, and other games.

Gambling has a rich history and tradition in Canada. Those things are helping it flourish, but the lack of taxation on the winnings is also a huge factor in its appeal. When we are talking about the data, almost 19.5 million people are gambling actively in Canada. Out of the total population that is legally allowed to partake in these activities, 57 percent of women and 63 percent of men are involved in gambling on a monthly level. When you consider these statistics, there is no surprise in realizing that the design of land-based casinos has to be carefully chosen.

The Appeal of Land-Based Casinos

Even though the gambling scene offers multiple options and platforms for wagering, traditional casinos are still up and running. People seem to react very well to the offers they get in these establishments. The fact is that they offer something that can’t be found anywhere else. It is no wonder that so many Hollywood movie scenes or music videos are shot in this setting. Thanks to that, the people who watch them want to be a part of that atmosphere and feel like James Bond, for example, in the movie Casino Royale. It is thanks to the architectural design of the place that they achieve that effect on people.

The Effects That the Architectural Design of a Casino Should Have on People

People often don’t realize how important is the effect of interior design, and how different businesses pay more attention to it now. Various industries, from medical practices to fitness franchises, create incredible architectural spaces for their clients. The design of a casino should be carefully chosen and created. The main reason is that it needs to have a certain effect on people, or better said, has to achieve certain goals. The main one is to create an immersive and engaging atmosphere that will attract players to come. To do so, one needs to pay attention to the floors, walls, lighting, and so much more.

The interior of a traditional casino needs to be spectacular. Certain rules need to be followed no matter what the main idea of a design is. First and foremost is the rule of an open space. The casino floor needs to look like a huge place, that is vibrant and dynamic. In that way, it invites people to explore it, mingle, and look for reasons everybody is having so much fun. Even interact with other patrons and meet new people, as the social element is crucial when it comes to land-based casinos. Open space is a necessity in the mission to achieve this. 

Another element that needs to be carefully picked is the appropriate music to follow the visual design of the interior. The interior needs to look extravagant and luxurious, and those are the key points of the architectural design. People come to Canadian land-based casinos and search through CA casino guides, to experience that lavish and opulent atmosphere. Therefore, the architecture needs to look expensive and classy, to resemble some well-known attractions or styles. For example, Caesars' Windsor heavily leans on the Roman style, with pillars, marble, and all the other things that will make you feel like you are in ancient Rome.

Innovative Modern Design Approaches in Traditional Casinos

Modern times have brought the need for change in almost every segment of our lives. The designers and architects of land-based casinos recognized it and decided to integrate technology into the interior design. One of the main things that people love when it comes to technological advancements is that they make our lives a lot easier. We are living at the peak of human civilization, and we love that fact. More and more of the technology is integrated into the casinos, to elevate the gambler's satisfaction. Interactive gaming systems represent the future of gambling. They are exciting and dynamic, and players respond well to them.


Traditional land-based casinos in Canada are still attracting players in their grand rooms filled with every classic casino game you can imagine. They are still competing with the online platforms, and putting up a good fight as they pay attention to things that are important to gamblers. One of those things is the architectural design, which attracts players in bulk. The luxurious and extravagant outlook of these places makes the gamblers feel great, and that is why they are coming back for more. It certainly helps when these casinos are placed beside natural wonders, like Niagara Falls for example. 

By Liliana Alvarez

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