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Fastest deal closing and other benefits of selling your home to a home buying company

Written by:
Jiggy Clark
Mohamed Hassan

When selling a property, owners usually take the traditional selling route by engaging a real estate agent for listing the property and undertaking all relevant marketing activities to find out some interested buyers quickly.  The time taken to find buyers depends on several factors, but one of the highest impacts is the market condition and buyer's or seller's market.  Home sellers would naturally prefer to operate in a seller's market where they can call the shots and get the best price for their home, which might even be higher than their expectations. However, the entire process of property selling is a time-consuming process that needs a lot of effort by the sellers despite engaging real estate agents. Patience often pays well as the home sellers can get the price they are looking for.

The home selling scenario described above is an ideal one that often does not match with the varied requirements of home sellers who are usually in a hurry to realize the sale proceeds. Since life is full of uncertainties, home buyers often face such situations when they need a massive amount of funds at the shortest notice. It could be for settling some unpaid debts, paying for unforeseen medical emergencies, arranging for bail to release a person from jail immediately, or for some other reasons. At such times, home buyers want quick money by selling their home, which is the only asset that they can monetize to arrange for the much-needed funds. Going by the traditional method of selling a home, it is impossible to close the deal anytime soon.

Take the fastest home selling route

The only way to ensure fast cash by selling homes is to sell the home to some home buying company that you can find by searching the internet for the search term ‘we buy houses reviews.' The search results will display a long list of review websites that narrate home sellers' experience in dealing with home buying companies. It will be of great learning as you will come to know about the process of selling homes to home buying companies and how it will help you earn fast cash. Besides making quick cash, there are many other advantages of selling your home to a home buying company. But first, you must learn what home buying companies are about because it might be the first time you are hearing about them.

What are home buying companies?

As the name indicates, home buying companies buy homes like any other commodity and then sell them off later for a better price to earn profits. Since buying homes is the sole objective of home buying companies, they want to acquire the property quickly by paying cash. The buying method follows the usual procedures of home buying but squeezes the timelines considerably to ensure that the deal closes fast. Although it might take anything between 120 days to 180 days to sell homes traditionally, by selling your home to a home buying company, you can close the deal within 7 days, if needed.  You can also choose any other closing time according to your convenience, which the home buying company is ready to comply with.

Fast cash is the biggest attraction

Most clients of home buying companies are sellers who want cash immediately. The home buying company offers a price for the property based on its condition and other liabilities attached to it. Once the seller agrees to it, the company is ready to pay on deal closure. The seller chooses the closing time. The company takes all necessary steps to ensure timely closure after complying with the laid down procedures of home selling within the given time. The company has enough resources and networks that they can utilize to shorten the lengthy process considerably for home selling but without any deviation. The seller gets the total amount of the sale proceeds across the table of the day of deal closure.

Buying properties in their present condition

Besides paying cash promptly, home buying companies' specialty should not escape your attention when you go through mr home buyer reviews. The home buying companies buy all types of properties from small houses to mansions on 'as is where is basis. It means that they are ready to buy the property in its existing condition, which implies that they are prepared to buy dilapidated properties. No matter the kind of repair the house might need, the company is ready to buy it. It is an excellent relief for home sellers because the property's condition is often the biggest hindrance in selling homes.  In the traditional model of selling homes, sellers have to spend some good money in upgrading and remodeling the property to make it marketable, which defies their objective of cashing out quickly.  

Buying properties together with the liabilities

Property litigation is quite common, and many properties come with various kinds of liabilities attached to them.  Homeowners might mortgage their property or have liens that the home buyer is ready to accept when buying the property. Even if there are some legal complications with the property, the home buying company is ready to buy it along with all liabilities. This aspect is unique because it ensures that the seller will get the cash regardless of the property's status, which would otherwise be impossible if they had taken the traditional method of selling home.

The company handles the entire process

 Another great relief for home sellers when selling their home to a home buying company is that the company is ready to pay a fair price for the property and handles the entire process or documentation to close the deal on time. The seller can sit back comfortably and collect the cash on the closure date while the company takes care of the entire process to ensure a smooth and timely closure.

The circumstances that influence your decision to sell your home also determine whether you should sell it to a home buying company or not.

By Liliana Alvarez

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