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Getting Hurricane Windows, Doors & Roofs for Weather Protection

Written by:
Anees Saddique
John Middelkoop

The mere thought of hurricanes probably makes you shiver. After all, they are a great danger to everyone’s safety, and they can cause devastating damage to your property as well. Thus, in addition to thinking about how to protect yourself from hurricanes, you also need to think about how to protect your home. Although, one goes together with the other, because a safer home automatically increases your own safety.

Some regions are more prone to these natural disasters than others. If you live in one of those areas, you should know better than to simply leave things up to chance and hope that nothing will happen or that your home will sustain no damage in the process, by works of a miracle. What you have to do is take more proactive measures towards protecting your home, your loved ones and yourself from the devastating impacts of bad weather.

Put simply, you need to think about investing in the right windows, doors, and the right roof for your home, so as to improve weather protection and ensure everyone’s safety in the process. You have most likely already heard about the idea of getting hurricane windows and doors, for example, and you may even know a few people who have done it. And, given that you are here, you are thinking about doing the very same thing, so as to protect your home against these natural occurrences.

So, you are sure that you want to get great doors and windows for your property, and you also want to upgrade the roof to be more weather-resistant. The only thing is, you may not know how to exactly choose the right products for your property. And, that is precisely the topic that we will cover below. As you will see, most of it depends on where you’re doing the shopping and who is doing the installation, which is why we are going to put most focus on that. In any case, let’s give you the tips you need to make the best choices.

1. Consider the Materials

What do you think is different when it comes to hurricane windows, for example, compared to the regular ones? The materials, of course. So, you need to consider the materials first, aiming at going for those windows that have impact-resistant glass, for the doors that are made of steel, fiberglass, or similar impact-resistant materials, and for a roof made of materials that are also well rated for wind resistance, such as asphalt or metal.

If you are not absolutely sure you understand the materials yourself, a great thing to do is talk to the pros and get their recommendations. They will certainly know what kinds of materials you should focus on when trying to choose the right products for your home. Relying on them is a much better idea than, say, trusting your instincts and, once again, hoping that you’ve made the right choices.

2. Choose the Right Suppliers and Installers

As I have hinted at above, the most significant thing to do is choose the right suppliers and installers. After all, if you go for the wrong ones, you will simply wind up with poor quality products in your home and you won’t be that much safer during hurricanes. Since the whole point here is to increase your safety, you will need to be careful when it comes to the process of choosing where to buy these products and who will install them for you. Take as much time as you need to carefully research different ones before you make your final choice.

3. Check Their Experience

What do you do during the researching process, though? Well, first and foremost, you should visit the official websites of the suppliers and the installers you’re considering, aiming at getting some quite useful information about them that way. For instance, when you visit paradiseexteriors.com or a similar company, you will get to not only check out their products and services in more details, but also take a closer look at their level of experience. Naturally, the more experienced certain professionals are, the better, because it indicates that they will provide you with high quality windows, doors, and roofs, as well as that they will do a great job installing those on your home, which is of crucial importance.

4. And Reputation

If you really want to get a better idea about the quality of work that you can expect from one installer or another, and I am sure you do, you should aim to check their reputation as well. Working with trustworthy and reputable installers is significant, as I am sure you understand. You want to be sure that they will do an amazing job and thus improve the safety of your home, which is why checking reputation is a must.

How do you check it? By reading reviews, of course. Past clients will have written at least a few reviews about the professionals they have been working with, and the professionals you’re considering right now, meaning that you will easily be able to find some of those and read them. Aiming, naturally, at determining whether those clients have been happy with the services they received, as that will tell you all you need to know about their reputation.

5. Check If They Offer Warranties

Next, you should also check if the companies you’re researching offer warranties for their products and the installation work they are doing. Go for ones that do. Why? Because this will guarantee quality and durability, which is absolutely important.

6-Compare the Costs

Here is one thing that you will probably remember to do all on your own. Compare the costs of the products and the offered services. And, while you should definitely always make those comparisons, you should remember that quality always comes first and that you should never compromise it for the sake of a lower price. This is the safety of your own home we are talking about, and paying a bit more to maximize it is undoubtedly a wise move.

By Liliana Alvarez

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