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Great Ideas for Shipping Container Workshops

Written by:
Talam Shere

There are many different ways you can repurpose a 20 foot used shipping container, with one of the most popular ways being to create a workshop space. Containers can serve as a sturdy foundation for fabric shelters, making them ideal workspaces due to their robust and resilient construction designed to endure extreme conditions. This means that any stored items remain well-protected, eliminating concerns about damage to materials or equipment. Fabric Container Shelters are also an inexpensive alternative to building a more permanent workshop structure, allowing for more money to be spent elsewhere.

Several industries, such as industrial, aviation, mining and construction industries, use fabric shelters as a covered space to use as a workshop. Their semi-permanent design allows them to be easily used for one thing and then be moved as necessary and used as another, providing a covered and protected environment that can be installed quickly.

Here are some ways that fabric shelters can be used as workshops:

Manufacturing or Fabrication: Fabric shelters can house manufacturing or fabrication operations. They provide ample space for production lines, assembly, and welding, offering protection from sun, rain, and wind while allowing for good ventilation.

Aviation and Hangars: Transforming fabric shelters into aircraft hangars and maintenance facilities presents cost-effective alternatives to conventional hangars for housing and servicing small planes, helicopters, and aviation equipment.

Paint and Blast Booths: Fabric shelters can be adapted into paint booths or blast booths for industrial applications. They provide controlled environments for painting, sandblasting, and surface treatment processes, ensuring that air quality and containment are maintained.

Storage and Warehousing: Although this is not necessarily a workshop, fabric shelters can function as temporary warehouses or additional storage space for businesses. They are a cost-effective way to expand storage capacity without the need for permanent structures. Any excess materials and equipment from the workshops can be stored away safely and securely

Allshelter WrkBox®

Fabric dome shelter company, Allshelter, has recently released their new range of products called WrkBox®, making your container workshop customisation simple and easy, with the ability to add a fabric shelter to create a structurally engineered covered space that be can used for storage or extra workspace. WrkBoxes® have the ability to include, access doors, windows, roller doors and side openings, with third-party options of internal walls, cable trays and services, solar panels, light towers and poles for CCTV etc., decking and many more to the shipping containers. The Wrkbox® is a great idea for worksites, being able to be used as anything from bathrooms to kitchens to meeting rooms, the space is yours!

Here are a few examples of things that you can use the WrkBox for:

Office Space: Industries such as mining and construction industries, often have to work in very remote locations, meaning that many services are unavailable. These include suitable office spaces or staff rooms that are needed by many companies and their staff. With their ability to be easily moved from place to place, they are especially useful for businesses that are constantly on the move and can't afford to use more permanent options as travelling to and from site may be difficult and extremely time-consuming.

First Aid Facility: The WrkBox® can also be used as first aid facilities, providing a clean space for medical equipment to be stored and used in a safe manner. For worksites that are isolated or have no spare room for sufficient medical space, a WrkBox® can come in handy, especially in locations that have frequent accidents or sick personnel. They can also be used in places such as schools to be used as sick bays when children are feeling unwell and need to rest.

Vehicle Workshop: If you're looking for a place to perform mechanical maintenance on cars, motorbikes, or any other vehicles, a WrkBox® could be the perfect solution. With it, you'll have ample space to work on different parts of the vehicle, providing a covered area for tasks such as automotive repairs, painting, and detailing. They offer protection for both the vehicles and the workers., and it can even serve as a storage space for vehicles if combined with the fabric shelter, such as motorbikes, trucks, and forklifts, depending on the size.

Shipping container mounted fabric dome shelter solutions, like the ones by Allshelter, are flexible to suit your needs, being able to do all these things and more. Consider investing in a container workshop as your first choice! The versatility of fabric shelters makes them adaptable to a wide range of applications and industries. Their cost-effectiveness, quick installation, and ability to provide shelter from various weather conditions make them a valuable asset in many fields.

By Liliana Alvarez

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