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GUSTAV by Scarabeo, for a versatile bathroom with fresh and joyful design

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GUSTAV is the new solution for small bathrooms or open-space settings in which there is a dedicated area.

The elegance and fresh and joyful design of GUSTAV make it a versatile solution for adding a touch of character and style, while still being simple and comfortable to use.

Manufactured in metal, it has a lightweight and airy structure, with two circular surfaces for positioning the washbasin and everyday items.

GUSTAV is proposed in a broad range of colours, the same ones Scarabeo uses for the ceramic of the washbasins and sanitary ware, in both the glossy and matt versions.

A different finish can be applied to each element, structure, surface and washbasin: they can be all the same colour or different ones, to create combinations based on the user’s own tastes or to reflect the surrounding environment.

Measures: Ø52 H76 Cm

By Liliana Alvarez

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