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How Aerial Images of Your Modular Homes Can Give You a Unique Perspective?

Written by:
Samuel Darwin
Naser Nader Ibrahim

Aerial photography or Aerial imaging is an amazing way to view architecture and landscapes from a unique perspective. To be able to view and communicate the architectural relationship between a building and its context is something that many architects try to do every day. This was so even before aerial photography and digital views became massive tools, as they are today.

Think about the beauty of everything that can be captured through aerial images. For instance, the colors, shapes, and textures of swimming pools from above. In addition to that, with aerial images, you can raise awareness of a project or any feature which would otherwise be too complex to capture with traditional methods.

By making use of technology that has brought us drones, which are small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), architecture photographers have learned about new ways of exploring and capturing unique features of different projects. With the help of aerial images, it becomes significantly easier to expose design, features like implantation, relationship with nearby buildings, and the environment.

Aerial Imaging and Modular Homes

If you don’t already know about modular homes, know that these homes are built indoors. Think of a factory-like setting. The completed homes or products are then covered and transported to the site. The modules or the sections of a modular home are then assembled by builders.

It is important to point out here that modular homes are not mobile homes. A modular home is simply a home that is built off-site. Sometimes these homes are referred to as prefab homes (prefab is short for prefabricated), factory-built, or system-built. You might be wondering how aerial imagery can help here.

Aerial imagery began in the 19th century, thanks to French balloonist Gaspard-Félix Tournachon. However, as a form of remote sensing, it has since then evolved from balloons and kites to remote-controlled drones and airplanes. Needless to say, aerial imagery has become one of the most commonly used and effective methods of remote sensing.

While aerial imagery refers to all photos taken from an airborne craft which may include remote-controlled drones, it is the aerial perspective that is very important. The bird’s eye view of the homes. With drone services, we can place the camera in the air and we can create aerial photographs while also looking down at the beautiful view.

SUMMARY studio unveils the newest project using their prefab and modular building systems1000 m² Prefabricated by SUMMARY.  Photography: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

Creating Aerial Perspective in Images

Drawings that are commonly referred to as the floor plan might not be sufficient to fully decode a design strategy. Of course, aerial photos of any home can help with that. The type

of visualization that can be made available with aerial images can explain so much about the project, the structure, and even clues about the home plan.

An aerial view can also help us determine how modular homes should be placed or oriented according to the shadows or the environment at the site. Where should the home close and where should it open, which will also in turn determine how it relates to nearby buildings and roads. Aerial photography taken by drones can help with all these things.

But that’s not all. Aerial imaging of a modular home brings with it a unique perspective that can help us in so many other ways as well. Let’s now look at some of the benefits in brief detail.

Powerful Presentation

With impressive aerial images of modular homes, you can show the customers what it looks like from a unique angle and also convey to prospective customers some excitement of comfort and awareness of the lifestyle that can be made available. Otherwise, it might just be an abstract presentation of the property.

You can stage any modular home perfectly with the help of drones for aerial photography. It becomes easier to show the best and the most beautiful parts of the property from different angles and heights. Moreover, aerial imagery can provide anyone with an insight into the infrastructure of the area and demonstrate the size of modular homes concerning surroundings.

A Complete Overview

Aerial images allow you to present a persuasive view of the modular home while also visualizing the biggest of advantages. You can use drone footage to highlight the best or the most unique features of the property. With aerial images, the customers can be given a complete overview quickly and efficiently.

Show your modular homes in 360° panorama and make use of interactive and informative real estate marketing. Such unique visuals will provide you with new bases for argumentation. Moreover, you can use such images and panorama views on your marketing website or platforms, or even your digital portfolio.

Competitive Edge

With drone footage or aerial images, you can imitate the unique and beautiful perspectives of your modular homes. This can be especially useful when it comes to attracting investors or providing prospective customers with something to catch their attention.

Such innovation and information can help you refine your marketing campaign and gain a clear competitive advantage. With the help of aerial images, you can grow to levels that the competition will find extremely hard to reach.

A Very Special Way of Looking at Modular Homes

Spatial designers know how important and helpful an aerial view of any structure can be. It can offer a unique perspective that can help understand and represent very complex architectural structures.

Aerial images can be a quick and easy way of providing anyone with a view of modular homes. Maps or drawings not only take longer but also can not achieve the same level of precision and purity as is possible with aerial images.

Drone photography does not harm the environment in any way. Instead, it is a special way of looking at modular structures of any scale, from the smallest projects to the largest of modular homes. 

Aerial imagery is perhaps the best way of interpreting and presenting modular homes. Unlike a drawing or a plan, aerial images will capture shadows perfectly, roofscapes, and anything that elevates architectural scenes of modular homes into a reality.

Final Thoughts

Aerial photography can prove to be a wonderful asset and a strong addition to your tool kit. From the points that we have discussed above, it is clear that the unique perspective that aerial images can offer can be used for many different purposes to achieve different goals.

It should be reiterated that aerial images are not plans or drawings. These images will remind you and everyone that the frame or the structure is not captured through ink and imagination but a lens. While drawings and designs can be beautiful, they are not as accurate and genuine. Aerial images can bring in that special addition that could help you reach new heights.

By Liliana Alvarez

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