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How to choose the right garden furniture

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Edward Roesch
Randy Fath

Setting up a space for outdoor entertainment is the best decision that you have made. The next step is choosing an outdoor furniture set that feels comfortable and matches your needs to perfection. Lounge areas, al fresco dining settings, sun lounges, and lazy bags are some available options. This post shares valuable tips on choosing garden furniture that fits your space and needs. When you go through it, you will create a relaxing area for entertainment.

Determine the purpose

Before you even visit stores to look at the available offers, it is essential to consider the purpose of your outdoor space. Think of what you want to do there. Consider how many people you want to host and which type of mood you wish to achieve. This will help you in picking the patio furniture. With so many options to choose from, vidaxl patio furniture will fit your specific needs.

Outdoor sofas are ideal for casual and relaxed gatherings. You can center the seating area around a firepit if you like to munch on S’mores. Or, you can add an outdoor TV and create the ultimate entertainment area. You can also check luxury inflatable furniture from The Fillup Club for a unique and stylish option that is also comfortable and easy to set up. Since your outdoor space is exposed to the elements, you should look for furniture that can withstand different weather conditions. You can also check Frontera furniture for high-quality and durable options that are also stylish. This way, you will make your space more functional and enjoyable in the long run.

Some people love to enjoy a cup of coffee or a quick breakfast in their garden. In this case, a bistro set would be the ideal addition. But if you love entertaining guests and home and al fresco dining, a complete setting should be considered. A table with chairs will become the perfect spot for enjoying the summer nights with good food. 

If you have a small garden, consider adding a bench or loveseat. Retractable table sets that can be easily removed and tucked away are ideal for tiny spaces. 


Your outdoor space should feel like an extension of the indoor living space. Therefore, you should keep the style cohesive. The outdoor sofa should match the style of the one in your living room to make the outdoor area feel more connected. You can also keep the color scheme consistent. 

Placing your garden furniture

Finding a spot for your garden furniture can be challenging. The most crucial factor in placing it is the sun. Maybe you wish to add a bistro set on a spot that receives sun in the morning. This way, you can enjoy the morning rays with your coffee. However, you might prefer your lounge area to be away from direct sunlight during the day. Find a shady spot or install a pergola to provide a shaded area where you can enjoy during the day. If you want a reading nook just for yourself, add a lazy bag in a secluded spot. 

Another essential thing to consider is to allow circulation between the furniture. An awkward layout can be challenging to navigate through and disrupt the normal traffic flow.

The view will also determine the position of your furniture. Think of what you want to be the center of attention when placing your seating area. Maybe you want everyone to admire your lush greenery or blooms. Or, you want to highlight the gorgeous fountain. Others might prefer to center the lounge area around a garden TV. 

Add style

To make your outdoor area feel more pleasant and inviting, feel free to style it. You can match the decor to your interior and create a seamless transition to the outdoor entertainment space. Choose wood or rattan furniture to bring the relaxed Boho vibe. Or, go for metal framed furniture with a streamlined design for modern styles. Enhance the furniture with throw pillows to add personality. Also, feel free to round up your seating area with a cozy rug. 

By Liliana Alvarez

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