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How To Know If Your Roof Needs A Repair And Why It's Important

Written by:
Allen Brown
Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP (cover image), Mario Ohibsky

No house is complete without roofing. A roof serves as a barrier against snow, hail storms, debris, rain, sun, ice, and branches. A good roof should serve for many years to come. If you have a roof that is in bad shape, it can cause your house to develop molds, mildew, and get leaks. A small leak on the roof can cause havoc to the entire house. Endeavor to have a good roof for your home; this saves you from unnecessary costs.

What Signs Can I Check 

Constantly check that your roof is in great shape; this saves you from damages. A good roof made of high-quality materials guarantees a lifetime warranty. However, there are some instances where a roof may get damaged, and you don’t notice. In line with Dom Restoration & Roofing contractors, it will help if you have a professional comes and assess the roof regularly. After the assessment, the contractors can give ideas on dealing with any minor complications before they become major. In the long run, their help can save you money that would have been used to manage the significant repairs. 

     1. Cracked Shingles 

After heavy storms or downpours, check the rooftop and make sure it is in good shape. The shingles should always lie flat against the roof. If you notice that the shingle edges are curled, damaged, cracked, or buckling patches, these are signs that the roof needs repair. 

In addition, check the downspouts and the gutters for shingle granules. When you notice that the roof is constantly losing granules, this means that it has reached the end of its useful life. Therefore, it would be best for you if you take action immediately.

     2. Rotting Roof 

When you notice a sagging, droopy roof, this is a sure sign for a repair, and The repair needs to be handled on time to avoid further damage to the house. Please check for signs such as rotting, trapped moisture, rotting boards, or sagging spots, especially at the lowest points of the roof; this gives you the signs that a repair is wanted.

     3. Unwanted Plants 

When moss grows on the roof, this is a sure sign of trouble. When moss appears on the roof, this means that there is trapped moisture that can ruin the roof. Therefore, it would help if you did away with the moss as soon as possible to destroy the roof. You can do away with the moss on your roof by using a stiff brush to brush it off; however, ensure to take note of the underlying problem that might have caused the growth of the moss in the first place.

     4. Falling Mortar From The Roof 

You should frequently check the mortars. The mortar has a lifespan, mainly used for bedding the roof junction and the verges. Also, ensure to look out for the early signs of degeneration mainly caused by extreme weather conditions. The verge and the ridges commonly tend to crack, and eventually, they get dislodged and fall off due to strong winds. 

If you have an older roof whereby mortar is used to bed the tiles, it may start to break off and fall. Falling mortar is a strong indication that the mortar needs a replacement.

     5. Damaged Flashing 

Flashing is the material used around protruding objects from the roof, such as the roof vent or the chimney. Flashing is designed to prevent water movement into the roof by diverting the water from the seams. At the seams, the water runoff is far much more significant. Flashing is made of thin pieces of impenetrable materials. When the flashing becomes damaged, it gets loose, causing water to seep and leak inside the walls and the ceiling causing extensive damages, such as mildew, rotten wood, and mold.

shingle roof installation image © Mario Ohibsky 

     6. Light Coming Through The Roof 

When you're in the upper rooms of your home, turn off the lights and look up if you notice some light coming through; this a clear indication that the roof needs some repair. The best time you can check for this is during sunset, as it is dark enough with the lights turned off, yet it's still bright enough outside to get some light through. When you notice the light coming through, it means that your roof has cracks and holes. You need to attend to this as soon as possible to know you need to replace the entire roof to repair the damage.

Always know that the condition of your roof holds the overall value for your home. Thorough checking your roof is not a daily occurrence; it is advisable to create times when you can do that once in a while. 

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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