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How To Make Studio Apartments More Liveable

Written by:
Liliana Alvarez
Max Vakhtbovych

When it comes to decorating and designing properties, there are few spaces which present as much challenge as a studio apartment. Not only are you working with a small space, but that space is also required to fulfil a laundry list of functions, which can often result in claustrophobic living spaces.

However, there are plenty of things you can do to maximise space in a studio apartment and create a space which is incredibly liveable. Keep reading to find out what you should keep in mind to ensure that your studio apartments are made as efficiently as possible to ensure happy occupants.

Segment The Studio’s Space

One of the downsides of studio apartments is that they can tend to feel a bit cramped and cluttered, due to the constraints on space, with different areas of the studio encroaching upon each other. It can be hard to relax in bed, when your bedroom is also halfway in the kitchen.

So, to improve liveability of a studio flat space, you should try to segment and separate the areas of the space, to allow them to feel like their own entities. By ensuring that the kitchen area, living area and bed area all feel like distinct zones, the space will feel a lot more open and far less cramped.

Decorate For Day & Night Time

Another unfortunate issue with living in a studio apartment is that it’s hard to balance the room’s décor between daytime usability and night-time usability. This usually results in the studio space either being to dark during the day or too bright during the night-time.

Lighting is the most important aspect for this, as good lighting and shading can create a balanced and appropriate level of lighting throughout the day. You should look to use made to measure blackout blinds on the windows to keep the space dark during the night, but also include ample light sources to ensure that the room can be properly lit throughout the day.

Include Additional Storage Solutions

In a small studio space, it is incredibly easy for clutter and mess to build up, in such a small space even a few personal items left on a countertop can leave the space looking messy. While this is par for the course when living in a studio space, there are measure you can take to reduce clutter build up.

By installing hidden and built in storage solutions, you can provide more space for personal items to be stored, which will make cleaning up much easier. Using furniture like beds and sofas with built in storage is a great start, but you should look to include wall mounted shelves and cupboards also to provide ample storage space.

Add Verticality Where Possible

In a studio apartment, floor space is at a premium, large pieces of furniture take up disproportionate amounts of floor space, which can lead to the space feeling cramped. Unfortunately, this is a fact of life when it comes to living in a studio space.

But, where possible you can focus on verticality to create the feeling of more space. If it’s feasible, adding in a mezzanine space for a living area or sleeping space will free up a lot of floor space, opening the space. When adding a mezzanine isn’t a possibility, you should look for wall mounted appliances and furniture which won’t use as much floorspace, like wall-mounted folding desks or murphy beds.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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