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How to Renovate Your Home for All-Season Enjoyment

Written by:
Catherine Park
Cameron Smith

Seasonal changes can be frustrating for the average homeowner. You may be sweltering hot in the summer, unable to enjoy your property to its full potential. In winter, it can often feel like you can never get warm. 

While home renovations can’t change the weather, they may change how you enjoy your property year-round. Consider making these alterations for all-season enjoyment: 

Patio Enclosure

If you have an exposed patio you can only enjoy for part of the year, consider contacting a custom patio enclosure company like Lifestyle Remodeling. Enclosing your patio means you can enjoy it at all times of the year, not just during the warmer months.

Patio enclosure involves installing floor-to-ceiling windows and glass panels to protect you from wind, rain, intense heat, and pests

Improve Your Insulation

It can sometimes feel like you’re never able to enjoy a perfectly comfortable house temperature throughout the year. Your home can be too hot in summer and too cold in winter. How well your home is insulated can contribute to this issue.

If you know your property doesn’t have excellent insulation, now’s the time to upgrade it. Additional insulation in your walls, basement, and attic may help with managing heat in summer and minimizing heat loss in winter. 

Fortunately, it’s typically a cost-effective upgrade. You may be eligible for insulation rebates and credits. Additionally, more insulation may contribute to an extended HVAC system lifespan because it doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain your home’s temperature.

Install Seasonal Features in Outdoor Spaces

If you haven’t yet decided to enclose your patio or create a sunroom, consider installing seasonal features in outdoor spaces instead. For example, you might buy an outdoor heater for a patio to manage chilly winter evenings or a sun shade to help with sun protection. The more features you add for comfort, the more frequently you may be able to use your outdoor spaces. 

Purchase a Programmable Thermostat

If you haven’t already got a programmable thermostat, now is an excellent time to install one. Programmable thermostats let you choose different temperatures for different times of the day. Not only can you ensure the most appropriate temperature at important times, but you may also enjoy cost savings. 

Upgrade Your Roof

Alongside adding value to your property, a new roof to replace one that’s old or damaged may also contribute to a more comfortable home in winter and summer. A cool roof, in particular, may reflect more sunlight while absorbing less heat. As a result, you may enjoy a cooler home during those intense summer months. 

Insulate Your Windows

It’s not uncommon to experience heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer through windows. However, you may be able to gain more control over this heat loss and heat gain by insulating your windows. Consider installing blinds or curtains. 

Otherwise, if your windows aren’t in great condition, talk to your local window specialists about new ones with low-E coatings and insulated frames for better thermal performance. 

You deserve to enjoy your home year-round, not just when the temperatures are perfect. Make some of these upgrades above and maximize the enjoyment of your home now and into the future. 

By Liliana Alvarez

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