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Ideas for Utilizing the Extra Space in Your House

Written by:
Felicia Priede
Max Vakhtbovych

Do you have an idea for utilizing the extra space in your house? Sometimes the furniture and items you currently own do not fill up the home you live in. While it might be frustrating to think of what to do with the extra room, it allows you to be more creative and fill it with things you love. Consider transforming the space with our ideas!

Playroom for the Kiddos

First and foremost, you can’t forget the kiddos! If you have the space in your home, why not add an area where they can go for playtime? A designated space to organize your children’s toys, books, and games will help keep the mess in one place in the house, and clean-up time will be easier. Consider purchasing cubicles and other organizing furniture to keep everything tidy.

Entertainment Space/Gaming Room

Who wouldn’t love a space to entertain guests and house all their games? If you happen to have room in your home, create an extra living room solely for game nights with friends. We suggest purchasing a few shelves for board games, additional seating, and unique art that pertains to your favorite movies and games to make the space feel special.

Gym/Workout Area

When you need to get a quick workout in, having a room in your home for this purpose will make it much easier to break a sweat. You won’t have to worry about making it to the gym on time—keep all your essential workout equipment in one place! With this space, you can work out in peace in the comfort of your own home.

Relaxation Spot

Everyone deserves a space inside their home that serves as a place for relaxation, and we’re not talking about your bedroom. While your bedroom can serve the same purpose, it’s still nice to have another place to go when you need to take your mind off the stress in your life. Our favorite idea for crafting a relaxation spot in your house is to fill it with books, plants, and your favorite chair!

Crafting Space

This last idea for utilizing the extra space in your house is turning it into a place for crafting. If you’re always doing your crafts at the kitchen table or in the living room, your spaces can fill with clutter. Organize your supplies in the spare bedroom or any other nook and cranny you have in your home. Create the perfect space for creativity by painting the wall color to match the floors and filling it with your own art and designs.

You can do anything you can imagine with the extra space in your home—and don’t be afraid to get creative! It doesn’t need to look traditional or be a “normal” room. Don’t let those extra spaces or rooms in your home go to waste; fill them with things you love!

By Liliana Alvarez

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