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If You Have Pets at Home and Want to Keep Your Sofa Clean, Follow These Tips

Written by:
Liliana Alvarez
Lukas Hellebrand

Pets bring so much joy to our lives with almost no effort. From the companionship they provide to the laughter and play they convey, dogs and cats are an important part of day-to-day life, as they always make us feel better and put a smile on our faces. If you’ve ever had a furry companion, you know how messy they can make the house. It doesn’t mean you have to kick your four-legged friend out of the house, but it’s a good idea to wash your hands before playing with pets, especially before eating. Over the years, it’s become clear that pets are counted as family members. Dogs and cats are like children, so it can be challenging to keep the house clean. 

Irrespective of what style of furniture you have in the living room, the sofa is most likely your anchor piece. Implemented as a means to make the most of the space, the sofa has grown in popularity as designers attempt to address the needs and tastes of users. The sofa can adapt and integrate into any architectural space via various configurations and materials. It’s a hub of relaxation and an essential factor in shaping the overall ambiance of your home. If you let your dog or cat sit on the sofa, there’s most certainly a hygiene concern. Stains are an immediate threat, but your sofa can only take so much wear and tear over time. The good news is you don’t have to live with a furry sofa, so keep on reading to find out how to keep your house clean. 

Use An All-Natural Spray to Keep Your Pets Off the Sofa  

Dogs and cats get on the furniture for the same reason you do – it’s comfortable due to its compact small size, giving a feeling of coziness. If you’re a pet parent and have decided the sofa is a pet-free zone, use an all-natural spray to keep them off the furniture. When your four-legged friend needs a gentle correction, trust nature’s miracles to make the job easier. You can use a citrus spray because citrus is a natural deterrent for dogs and cats, neither of which appreciate the taste or smell. Additionally, it’s fantastic for use on furniture and other surfaces. Check with a local cleaner, as some have treatments you can apply on the sofa to make its fabric more durable. 

Call In the Pros to Get Rid of Difficult and Smelly Stains 

Puppies and kittens (or older animals) can have accidents that will stain your sofa’s upholstery. Don’t forget about muddy and dirty paw prints. Even if your pet doesn’t mind getting a bit wet, you don’t appreciate the mud and dirt they track all over your furniture. If your furry friends are notorious for climbing on the sofa, you’ll most certainly discover pet stains. The faster you act, the better chance you have to get rid of them. With the help of a professional cleaner, you can get rid of stubborn, smelly stains with ease. The cleaning process may require more specialized treatment. 

Whether it’s leather, fabric, or velvet, keep your most prized possessions in pristine condition by getting the sofa cleaning just right. If you don’t maintain the cleanliness of your home, it can lead to dirt, stains, and even allergens to accumulate. While cleaning the sofa is something you can do yourself, there are advantages to hiring professional cleaners to revamp your furniture. It ultimately boils down to convenience, budget, and your personal preference for taking care of your sofa. Cleaning to a professional standard is the best way to extend the life of your sofa and revitalize its appearance. Vacuuming once a week can help remove dust and dirt, but it’s not enough to get the job done. 

Remove Pet Hair with Common Household Items 

When it gets warmer or colder, dogs and cats shed a lot of fur. Cats have more hair per inch than dogs, but it’s smaller, so the volume of hair loss is less. Any animal with fur can be a source of allergy, so remove the hair from slipcovers, throw pillows, and blankets. Pet hair doesn’t stick to sofa materials, so it can be easily wiped down using a lint roller or duct tape. A vacuum cleaner is an obvious solution; just be sure to use an attachment with rubber bristles. Before tossing in any furry items in the washing machine, get a laundry hair catcher and make sure to turn them inside out to avoid leaving marks. 

Have Pet Toys Next to Your Sofa 

The domestication of dogs and cats has continued for thousands of years, but certain instincts linger on. Scratching is an involuntary reflex that expresses emotions like stress or excitement. Other times, animals scratch to remove the dead parts of the nails or get a good stretch. As much as you love your four-legged friend, you know just how much damage they can cause, so ensure they have a comfortable spot of their own or a designated area with their favorite items. Chew toys and scratching posts will help your pets relax and redirect their attention away from your furniture. 

One possible reason your dog or cat may be climbing on the sofa is they don’t get enough exercise and stimulation on a daily basis. A chew toy provides relief from boredom and discomfort – it’s designed to keep even the most aggressive dog entertained for hours. A cat scratching post is also an essential addition to your home. Your feline friend won’t be looking for anything else to sink their claws into (and you won’t have to buy new furniture). The scratching post lets your cat chase, run, and jump. You can use rewards to encourage them to use it. 

Install A Gate to Restrict Pet Access to The Living Room 

Last but certainly not least, think about installing a pet gate to create boundaries. Still, different pets have different abilities, so what might keep your dog out may be easy to hop over for your cat. The really tall ones cost a fortune, so try to make a pet gate yourself, even if you’re low-skill DIY. Hang a big jingle bell at the top so you can hear the cat if they decide to get through it. Stay close by so you’re not far away. 

By Liliana Alvarez

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