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Long Distance Moving From Toronto to Miami: How to Properly Accept Work

Written by:
Den Dellinger
Vector Juice

Let's pretend that everyone agrees with the statement that the best way to save yourself the hassle of moving is to turn to professionals. The employees of a moving company will indeed take care of most of the tasks.

But does that mean that absolutely all the responsibility for your long distance move from Toronto to Miami will fall on the movers?

Still no. And it is important to not only responsibly approach to the choice of the company-executor, but also competently accept the work.

We understand after the end of the move would like to complete the formalities as soon as possible, conduct specialists and begin to settle down in a new place. But before that, it is worth making sure that the move from Toronto to Miami went well. It won't take much time, but it will insure you against possible misunderstandings in the future.

We've prepared a handy checklist that will help you make sure you don't miss a single important detail.

So, when completing the move WITH the employee of the moving company:

1. Check the availability of a full package of documents (properly executed and signed on both sides of the contract with annexes + acceptance certificate + payment documents).

2. Check the availability of all properties on the list (responsible movers attach the list to the service contract). As a rule, there are no questions with large items and furniture. Also, count boxes with things, household appliances, sports equipment (bicycles, skis), etc.

3. Make sure there is no damage to the property — carefully inspect furniture and boxes from all sides.

4.  If the furniture has been assembled — be sure to check the quality of assembly (furniture stands straight, does not wobble, all doors close tightly, drawers run smoothly, and handles are securely screwed).

5. Inspect the walls and floors in the room after the work to make sure there is no damage to the finish, pay special attention to doorways and walls in narrow corridors.

6. If you refuse to unpack the property by the staff of the moving company, it is necessary to check the integrity of all boxes — there should be no signs of damage to the packaging, dents and creases.

7. When moving property that belongs to the list of technically complex goods (household and office appliances), it is mandatory to check its performance. Do it twice on the day of the move — before packing and moving and after - and be sure to do it in the presence of movers.

8. If you moved property that requires special care, such as fragile, valuable or memorabilia (before the move, make sure that the contract has a separate annex to fix the list of such things), at the end of the move should be unpacked and inspected.

9. Check if all the used packing material has been cleaned up by the staff.

10. Only after all these actions have been completed, sign the acceptance certificate for the services rendered.

Professional moving companies take a responsible approach to quality issues. However, without your direct involvement, it is extremely difficult to keep track of all aspects of the move. Please do not neglect this simple instruction! 


In the journey of long-distance moving from Toronto to Miami, the significance of diligence and active participation cannot be overstated. While entrusting professionals with the task eases the bulk of the burden, the responsibility to ensure everything goes as planned still rests with you. The checklist provided acts as your guide to navigate this complex process, ensuring no detail is missed. 

By thoroughly inspecting documents, belongings, and the work done, you safeguard your peace of mind, making your transition smooth. Remember, a successful move is not just about getting from point A to B; it's about arriving with everything intact, ensuring you can start your new chapter on the right note.

By Liliana Alvarez

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