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Maximizing Your Space: Moving and Storage for Tampa Residents

Written by:
Paulina Janik

Living in Tampa, you get all the benefits of living in a bustling area with a rich history, great weather, and charm. 

But, of course, whether you are living in a small downtown apartment or a larger home in the outer suburbs, there is always the challenge of finding ways to organize and store your things properly. 

If you already completed a hectic move or are in the process of doing so, you can ease moving and storage in Tampa if you come up with strategic storage solutions!

This is how you do it.

Use Vertical Space

One of the best storage solutions for small spaces is making use of that space we typically tend to overlook — hanging space. 

If you look up, you will likely find plenty of empty spaces on the wall that you can use as a storage solution.

Make the Most of Closet Storage

Do you know that one of the best small apartment storage solutions is a closet organizer? 

If you are maximizing your space by using a custom closet organizer, you can square every inch. Combine hanging rods, shelves for décor, and stackable shoe shelves for everything from boots to shoes with storage bins.

Improve Kitchen Storage

A smart storage idea for the kitchen is the use of a magnetic strip to keep metal utensils and knives. 

If you don’t have enough storage space, you can have your utensils lying around on the counter. 

So, get creative if you live in a small dairy. Check to see if you have any space underneath the cabinets to fit a magnetic strip or add it to the wall.

Temporary Storage Solutions

If you want temporary storage during an emergency move or a remodeling project, PODS is on the rescue with storage containers delivered right to your door. 

The containers are ideal for moving and storage  in Tampa, to keep your belongings safe temporarily or for a long time.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to creative storage, finding space isn’t only about finding additional space, but maximizing what space you have. 

Use a little smartness and planning - you can turn your living space in Tampa into a clutter-free oasis that uses every inch you have available. 

So the next time you think “moving and storage in Tampa,” think about how you’re going to keep it neat and tidy with these creative storage ideas!

By Liliana Alvarez

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