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The Top Advantages of Aggregate Concrete – The Essential Points to Consider

Written by:
Sujain Thomas
Boss Paving

The contractors possess good quality concrete for durability. But still, the uniform grey appearance of the standard concrete holds significantly less appeal for homeowners keen on enhancing their property. Luckily today, the concrete is available in a blend of decorative styles, providing the homeowners with a wide range of aesthetic freedom.

One of the most preferred decorative concrete types is exposed aggregate concrete. Some homeowners don't understand the qualities that made the exposed aggregate concrete so famous. In this article, you are going to learn more about it.

     1. Versatile aesthetic choices

The exposed aggregate is different from the ordinary concrete in two critical ways. Also, the top layer of the aggregate usually protrudes from the pavement surface. Also, the homeowners can choose from a wide range of decorative aggregates rather than the drab grey gravel that gets used as an aggregate in the daily concrete.

All these aggregates operate the gamut in terms of size, colour and shape, enabling you to create a particular type of concrete surface. The cement used to bind the aggregate together can also get tinted for an aesthetic interplay. Also, you have the option to select from various stone aggregates. Today, several people wish to integrate the glass chunks, providing the concrete with the extra dimension of glow.

     2. Enhanced traction

In most cases, the exposed aggregate concrete installation takes place similar to the daily concrete installation. Yet when the surface gets enabled to cure, the contractors use nylon-bristled brushes and water to eliminate a specific part of the cement on the surface. Hence, the aggregate atop the slab juts out. Therefore, the exposed aggregate concrete comes with a naturally stubby texture. It provides increased traction compared to the ordinary concrete, even when it's wet. The contractors can also improve the traction by changing the aggregate particle size along with their surface texture and shape. The raw stones will have increased tractions than the polished ones.

     3. Reduced vulnerability to spalling

One acute issue faced by the daily concrete is spalling. It occurs during the wintertime when the porous concrete can absorb the water and dissolve the de-icing salts. Also, as the temperatures drop, the salty mixture expands, thereby creating great internal stress.

Furthermore, the stress can weaken the concrete's surface layer, making the cement paste susceptible to cracking, shearing, and crumbling away in normal pressure. The spalling leaves atop the concrete surface usually look pitted and rough. The exposed aggregate concrete comes with a natural immunity degree to spalling. It’s because the contractors have taken away the surface layer of the cement paste at the time of the installation.

Finally, there is enhanced home value. The surfaces made using the exposed aggregate don't just perform and look better, but they can also add to a long-lasting value to your house. If you look at the exposed aggregate driveway, you will find an added curb appeal that can attract new-age buyers. The potential buyers tend to opt-in for the homes that have exposed aggregate driveways, which are contemporary and attractive.

By Liliana Alvarez

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