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The Ultimate Retreat: Bespoke Features for a Truly Luxe Bathroom

Written by:
Aleksandar Cvetanovski

Close your eyes, and imagine yourself relaxing in a magnificent, deep bathtub filled with bubbles and rose petals. The relaxing smell of lavender is making you feel pampered and indulgent. Now, open your eyes. Are you getting any of these feelings from your current bathroom? If not, it may be time to turn things around. For a bit of inspiration, here are some bespoke features that will certainly make a world of difference in creating a luxurious bathroom escape. 

Freestanding Bathtub

Freestanding baths have the power to make any bathroom look more elegant and high-end. As their name suggests, they do not need any panels or walls to support them. These tubs have a luxurious, classic look that makes them the focal point of any bathroom. They also come in many styles and materials, from sleek, modern options to antique clawfoot versions. 

There is a good reason why real, high-end spa rooms have pools that stand alone. These bathtubs are "free", and compel you to feel the same way as you're soaking in your bubble bath. There is nothing on the wall or inside to hold you back. It is just you, the water, and the tub that seem to float. To put it another way, it is your island where, after a long, stressful day, you love spending time. 

As the design of freestanding bathtubs has evolved, so have the quality and technology of the different materials from which they are made. You can now find freestanding tub models featuring durable materials and thermal properties that allow you to soak in a hot bath for an extended period.  

Although much has been stated about the significant amount of space necessary to install a freestanding bathtub, you should know that a freestanding bathtub can be adapted to provide total comfort even in small bathrooms. Freestanding bathtubs come in a range of sizes, shapes, and materials, so your chances of finding the ideal size and shape for your bathroom are great. 

Many people choose to make their freestanding bath the focal point of their bathroom because it looks good in any style, from modern to classic. It can be installed in any way that works with the way the bathroom is designed. They are usually put in the middle of the room, but they can also be put next to a window so that you can enjoy a relaxing view of the outside while you bathe.

Double Shower Heads 

A bathroom with double shower heads provides a spa-like atmosphere, increasing comfort and pleasure. This will change how you start your day in the morning and wind down after a busy day. 

A double showerhead allows you to use the fixed shower head to get your body wet while using the handheld shower head spray settings to massage your muscles. Handheld shower heads generally have three settings: rainfall, massaging, and jetting. This will help you to relax after a long day.

Another advantage of having two independent shower heads is that you and your partner can get ready at the same time, eliminating the stress of juggling shower times. 

A Stylish Mirror

Aside from being crucial to many of your bathroom routines, a stylish mirror can be a statement piece that improves the look and feel of the space. Because a mirror can make a room look bigger, you can never go wrong in investing in a large, beautiful mirror. It creates the illusion of a larger bathroom, which might improve the overall atmosphere of the space. At the same time, it can elevate the mood of those using the bathroom. 

To make it the focal point of your decor, choose a framed mirror. A mirror with an exquisite and unusual frame can be exceedingly ornamental. It can instantly become the focal point of the bathroom, improving the overall look and feel of the space. 

Oversized Tiles 

Large-format tiles provide an unparalleled feeling of luxury by adding drama and visual intrigue. To achieve a sense of space, keep things light and bright and choose matte slip-proof floor tiles.

Micro-cement is becoming more and more popular as an all-surface material for a cohesive sense in place of entirely tiled rooms, together with wood panelling to provide natural textures.

A maximalist wallpaper may provide impact and dramatic contrast in areas that aren't in touch with water; just be sure it's vinyl paper to maintain its impeccable appearance.

Glass Partitions

Bathroom glass partitions can be a game changer in a bathroom design. In addition to making the space look larger and more inviting with their sleek and translucent design, glass portions can also complement any interior design (from contemporary to traditional) with their different finishes and patterns. 

Bathroom glass portions are available in a range of styles, so feel free to experiment with designs. Their style versatility allows for limitless creative choices, ranging from frameless barriers with a seamless appearance to framed ones with dramatic accents. You could use a glass partition to separate spaces, to add privacy or even as a statement piece. 

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting isn't only for the living room. In the bathroom, the addition of some soft, diffused lights helps make the room more relaxing and inviting. 

Examples of ambient lighting fixtures include pendant lights, chandeliers, and ceiling mounts. The most commonly used is ceiling-mounted, as they never go out of style. Contrary to what many think, chandeliers also make a great bathroom lighting option. To get it right, choose a small model that fits within your bathroom space. Hanging pendants on the ceiling can also help you achieve a great lighting effect. Pendants look fantastic and are available in a wide variety of designs, hues, and sizes.


Plants improve the atmosphere of a bathroom by bringing a sense of freshness and vibrancy. It exudes positivism, making the bathroom appear and feel cosy, warm, and inviting. It improves comfort and the overall bathroom experience. 

When picking a plant, make sure that its size is appropriate for the bathroom. This means selecting a plant size that doesn't take up much space while improving the beauty of the bathroom. 

By Liliana Alvarez

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