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Tips for a Minimalist Living Space That You’ll Love

Written by:
Felicia Priedel

Minimalism is an amazing way to curate your life and your living space. It’s the pursuit of less at the expense of more. However, it’s not always easy to know how to start incorporating minimalist principles into your living space. Read on to get some tips on creating a minimalist living space. Let’s define what minimalism is and how it can help us.

What Is Minimalism?

Minimalism is a lifestyle that takes decluttering to the next level. It promotes simplicity in every aspect of your life by removing what you don’t need so you can make room for what’s important. You’re only left with the essentials. Here, we’ll focus on minimalism as an interior design concept. Minimalist homes are defined by open space and muted colors. You’ll likely see a lot of black, grey, and white. Smooth lines are a common theme, but the defining feature is how few items are in the room. So how do we get here? Read on to find out.

Learn To Let Go

It is not easy to let go of things. We over-emphasize the importance of the items we accumulate in our lives. To mitigate this, start throwing things away! It’s easier said than done, so here are a few tips:

Hire a professional organizer. This will help you learn what you need to keep and what to let go of. They can also give you pointers on organizing your space to make the most of your few items. 

Start small. No one is telling you to spring clean your entire home and start throwing things out on the lawn. Choose a room, a closet, or a corner, and ask yourself if you need the things there. When was the last time that you used the item? Do you legitimately see yourself using this item in the future? Is it that sentimental and precious that you can’t let it go? The foundation of minimalism is owning less, so this goes a long way in upgrading your living area. 

Change Your Environment

Choose quality, not quantity—unless it’s in service to minimalism. You’ll want to consider each piece that comes into the room and determine whether it’ll contribute to the overarching theme. Six lamps from IKEA are often less aesthetically pleasing than one set lighting installation that’s more expensive but has more value. 

In the future, get rid of one thing whenever you buy another. This will keep clutter from accruing unnecessarily. Play with color. Minimalism is famous for its blacks, greys, and whites. However, some people find this bland. Instead, choose a soft color and use that as your central color scheme. So try black and blue, white, brown, etc. This will go a long way in making your living space memorable. Changing your environment is a great way to implement a minimalist lifestyle in your living space. 

In short, embracing minimalism is cutting edge and good to help you manage clutter. In the long run, it’ll help you learn how to manage your life better and decide what’s important to you and what isn’t. If you implement what you just read, you’ll be better able to manage the minimalist lifestyle. 

By Liliana Alvarez

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