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Top Gardening Tips To Help You Grow Faster And Bigger

Written by:
Allen Brown
Marzenna Gaines (cover image), Jill Wellington

Starting a garden can be one of the best decisions you make in your entire life. Maintaining the garden, on the other hand, is a more involved and challenging process.

Most gardeners, especially those with a food garden, want it to grow quicker and more gigantic than it currently is or than other gardens. Each garden is different, and so is every gardener, so you should take the time to study your garden if you want tremendous growth. 

A few tiny details can make a world of difference between the success or failure of a garden. Therefore, it is up to you to decide how much you want to do for your garden.

The following are some of the best gardening tips to help your garden grow faster and bigger: 

Plan Your Garden

The fact is that most gardeners have no serious plan for their gardens, especially beginners. They buy the seeds for the plants they want and do what every other gardener is doing. 

If you want a garden that will give you a bountiful harvest because the plants are growing faster and more immense, you need to plan your garden. The reason is that each plant has different requirements for growth in terms of sunlight, warmth, water, and soil, among others. 

Even in a small garden, there are bound to be more beneficial areas to some plants than others. Plants also grow at different rates. If you want your plants to grow larger and swifter, you should have a plan specific to your garden and its needs. 

Use a Grow Tent

Another tip that will help the plants in your garden grow quicker and bigger is to use a grow tent. A grow tent is an enclosed tent where you place your plants for a specific time to promote their growth. 

You have two options as far as growth tents are concerned: building or buying one. It is well known that building your own grow tent allows you to determine the space, materials, and features. You don't have the freedom, and your choices are limited if you choose to buy a ready-made grow tent. 

A grow tent will have artificial elements to mimic natural ones. However, you can control them in a way that promotes the growth of your plants. A grow tent should at the very least have the necessary light to grow the plants and be entirely sealable to control the environment inside better. 

Nourish Your Soil

The soil in which you plant in your garden is one of the most crucial elements determining their yield. If you want your garden to produce larger produce in less time, you will have to nourish the soil and make it more fertile. 

Nutrient-rich soils promote the growth of deep root systems and robust plants. The plants can reach deep into the ground to acquire the nutrients they need for development. 

There are various ways of nourishing the soil, and organic matter such as compost, manure, or leaf mold is the best source of nourishment for your garden soil. Artificial fertilizers may lead to much faster growth and a larger yield, but they are not suitable for the soil in the long term. 

Keep Garden Records

A less common practice among gardeners than planning their garden is keeping accurate records of their garden. If you want the best results from your garden, you will have to do a lot of experimentation. 

The best way for you to know what works as a result of your experiments is to record your conclusions. It is the only way you will see what works best and how to improve your garden. 

If there is a technique or plan that leads to more yield in less time, then you may want to stick with it. The most important part is to not only keep adequate records but implement what they teach you. 

Choose Plants That Thrive

image © Jill Wellington 

It may sound obvious, but it is worth stating that you should choose plants that thrive if you want plants that grow faster and produce higher yields. You should notably select plants that will excel in the soil and climate of where you live. 

Some plants are indigenous to your environment and have an easier time growing and reproducing in it. Even for those plants that are non-indigenous, some varieties are better suited to your garden than others.

If you can choose such plants, your garden will have plants that produce bountiful harvests in short times. 

Growing plants in a garden is an art form with many intricacies. However, every gardener wants their plants to grow faster and bigger. The above tips should help you do exactly that. It would be best if you learned to observe your garden and find its specific needs.  

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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