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Upgrading Your Home’s Exteriors: A Comprehensive How-to Guide

Written by:
Allen Brown

When visitors arrive at your home, the first thing they see is the exterior. House exterior design is more important than ever, as it not only reflects your personal taste and style but also adds value to your home. Whether you have a modern or traditional home, there are plenty of ways to upgrade your home's exterior. At the lighter end of the scale, you're looking at small changes such as adding a fresh coat of paint or new landscaping. For more extensive upgrades, you can consider changing the siding or roofing materials for a dramatic transformation.

Why Upgrade Your Home's Exteriors?

There are compelling reasons to consider upgrading your home's exteriors. Whether you're looking to increase your home's value, improve its curb appeal, or simply give it a fresh new look, exterior upgrades can make a significant impact. Here are some reasons why you should consider upgrading your home's exteriors:

Increase Property Value: Upgrading your home's exterior is one of the best ways to increase its overall value. A well-maintained and visually appealing exterior can significantly improve your home's market value if you ever decide to sell.

Improve Curb Appeal: The exterior of your home is the first thing people see when they drive by or visit. A well-designed and maintained exterior can make a lasting impression, improving the overall aesthetics of your neighborhood.

Enhance Energy Efficiency: Upgrading to energy-efficient materials, such as new windows and siding, can help reduce your energy bills and make your home more comfortable.

Increase Durability: Exterior upgrades can also improve the durability and longevity of your home. For example, replacing old or damaged siding with newer, more durable materials can protect your home from weather elements and potential damage.

Tips for Upgrading Your Home's Exteriors

Every homeowner has different priorities and budgets when it comes to home improvements. However, here are some tips that can help guide you in upgrading your home's exterior:

Work With a Professional

Choosing to partner with a professional for your home exterior upgrades can make a vast difference in both the process and the outcome of your project. The expert team behind Northwest Exteriors says that entrusting your home’s exterior upgrades to the professionals can save you time, money, and headaches. They can bring knowledge and skills to the table that can help you make informed decisions and ensure a successful project. Here are several reasons why working with a professional is crucial:

Expertise and Experience: Professionals have the expertise to recommend the best materials and design options suited to your home’s architectural style and the climatic conditions of your region. Their experience allows them to foresee potential challenges and navigate through them efficiently.

Quality of Work: With professionals, you can expect a higher standard of work. Their skills ensure that the installation of materials, whether it be siding, roofing, or windows, is done correctly, which is essential for durability and aesthetics. 

Time and Cost Efficiency: Professionals can complete the project within a predetermined timeline, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life. They can also provide you with a detailed estimate of the costs involved, helping you manage your budget more effectively.

Access to Quality Materials: Professional home improvement teams often have access to high-quality materials at wholesale prices, and they can guide you in selecting the most suitable products that offer both performance and value for money.

Warranty and Assurance: Working with professionals usually comes with the assurance of a warranty for the work done, giving you peace of mind that any future issues will be addressed.

Compliance with Regulations: Professionals are familiar with local building codes and regulations, ensuring that any exterior work carried out on your home complies with them. This is essential for avoiding legal issues and ensuring the safety and integrity of your home upgrades.

Consider Your Home's Architecture

The aesthetic appeal of your house can be significantly enhanced when exterior improvements complement its inherent design. Modern homes might benefit from sleek, contemporary materials like metal siding or large glass windows, whereas traditional homes could be better suited to classic elements such as wood siding or stone accents. Making choices that align with the architectural integrity of your home not only elevates its beauty but also contributes to a coherent and timeless appearance.

Don’t overlook the importance of color in your decision-making process. The right color scheme can dramatically transform the look of your home, creating an inviting and cohesive exterior. Opt for colors that not only suit your personal style but also enhance the features of your home's design. Consulting with a design professional can provide valuable insights into choosing colors that will harmonize with your home's architecture and the surrounding landscape, ensuring a result that you'll love for years to come.

Focus on Key Areas

When it comes to exterior upgrades, there are a few key areas that can have the most significant impact on your home's overall appearance and value. These include:

Siding: Siding is essential for protecting your home and enhancing its curb appeal. Replacing old or damaged siding with new, durable materials can transform your home's look and provide added weather protection.

Roofing: A new roof can greatly enhance your home's curb appeal and provide better protection. Consider durable materials like metal or asphalt shingles for a long-lasting solution.

Windows and Doors: Upgrading old windows and doors with energy-efficient options can greatly improve your home's appearance and energy efficiency. Modern styles and designs can also give your home a fresh new look.

Landscaping: Don't underestimate the power of landscaping to elevate your home's exterior. Adding plants, trees, and other natural elements can boost curb appeal and create an inviting atmosphere for visitors and potential buyers.

Incorporate Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is essential for transforming your home's exterior, enhancing its beauty at night, and boosting security. Well-placed lights can highlight architectural features, landscape elements, and pathways, creating a warm ambiance. Options range from solar garden lights to LED spotlights and wall-mounted fixtures that accentuate your house's façade. Investing in high-quality, energy-efficient outdoor lighting elevates your home's appearance while ensuring safety and security at night.

Upgrading your home's exteriors can add significant value, improve its appearance, and make it more energy-efficient. With careful planning and the help of professionals, you can transform your home into a beautiful, welcoming space that reflects your personal style and enhances its curb appeal. Whether it's small changes or extensive upgrades, investing in your home's exteriors is a worthwhile endeavor that will bring you years of enjoyment and satisfaction.

By Liliana Alvarez

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