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Wall Art Stickers: Seven Trendy Home Decor Ideas

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B Naomi Grace

How can wall art stickers accentuate home decor?

As trends keep changing, predicting and anticipating the design trends and decor ideas people will use in their homes is fun. The home is where the heart is, so people ensure that their homes reflect their personality and values. Design trends keep evolving, and the latest talk of the town has got to be wall art stickers. 

From a wall in a home to a large commercial sticker printing, wall art stickers are famous for their ease of application and removal. Additionally, they are more affordable than other wall art ideas. These stickers can jazz up the entire look of a room, cover up messy situations, or act as a photo backdrop. Overall, it is a win—win case for those who use it and those who see it. 

If you wish to create a significant design moment without a big commitment, then wall art stickers are your safest and most promising bet. The various options you get in size, shape, and design are the perfect way to add accents to your home. It is time to move on from nails and frames and welcome more stickers into your design plans. 

image © KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

Four ways to apply a wall art sticker effortlessly

  1. Select an accent color for your wall decal. Mix and match the colors in your room with the wall decals to give a well—coordinated look. 
  2. Clean up the wall before application. This hack can save you much time. Ensure the walls are clean and dry, so the stickers stick firmly to the base. 
  3. Cut up the larger stickers into pieces for easy application. The entire process of sticking will become manageable. 
  4. Spray water on the backing paper as this will enable the sticker to peel off easily. 

Six trendy wall art ideas that come with good usability

     1. Wall Decals 2.0

There are wall decals that can amp the texture of the wall in your room. For example, you can use a wall art sticker for the entire wall and change the look from a simple wall to a textured one, like a rustic wood—planked wall. These wall decals can easily trick guests into assuming that the wall has a different finish. 

Apart from the usual flora and fauna and other regular ideas, textured wall art stickers can be used to add more personality to your home. If you are not allowed to paint on the wall or suffer from long—term commitment issues, you can opt for completely removable wall decals. This won’t burn a hole in your pocket and will satisfy your creative spirit. 

     2. When you can’t decide

Wall art stickers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Smaller designs can be tried and tested on your wall before you finalize a design. For example, smaller decals in a repetitive pattern can look like a trendy geometric design. In addition, wall art stickers give you the freedom to switch designs if you frequently move, rent, or like redecorating multiple times throughout the year. 

     3. When you want to spike architectural interest

The higher your room ceiling, the more chances you get to spice up the drama using wall stickers. For example, you can mimic a stone wall on the entire wall without getting it done. The beauty of wall art is that it can be customized and created for any shape and size you want. In addition, architecturally—inspired wallpapers can make your home look cozy and modern, with a tinge of old—school architecture.

     4. When you want art without the nail drills

Going over the top is not everybody’s cup of tea, but some like to paste their entire wall with an art design. Instead of smaller frames spread all over the wall, choosing a giant mural is much more convenient. You can turn a wall into a work of art without drilling a single nail hole; that is the beauty of wall art stickers. 

     5. When you need to scale

Single pieces like a giant sticker of an object, like a flower, can dramatically affect your room. However, for such huge individual pieces, it is safe to have elements in your room that can compliment them, for example, a high—rise wing chair, or a solid—colored ottoman. Similarly, it is vital to have the right colors for the home decor. 

     6. When you need a distraction

Sometimes, you will have to go the extra mile to get the focus off the one missing thing in your room. It could be the lack of a side table or a headboard, but a large decal can shift the focus. Not all rooms can be made the way you want, so these wall art stickers can come in handy while beautifying the space you call home. 

     7. When you want your room to look bigger

Horizontal stripes on a person’s clothing may not be appealing, but a wall art sticker of the same kind can do wonders for the room’s appearance. You can create a widening effect in the room and make it look bigger than it is. 

Five customized and trendy wall art inspirations to give your home a glow—up

There are numerous designs that you can find in wall art stickers. Additionally, you can get customized designs made as per your requirement. From the living room to the bathroom, you name it, and you will find the most accurate design for the room. Some of the trendiest wall art stickers that have our attention are:

     1. Ascent wall

An accent wall is an interior wall whose design differs from the room's other walls. Of course, some can opt for a different color/shade/hue for the same, but recently, people have started experimenting with wall art stickers. 

Depending on your mood for the wall, you can go for a graphic design or word art. For children’s rooms, designs like trees and other elements of nature can be used. You can use a bold design for the living room to make a statement and impress guests. Whatever gets the room's personality out in the open should be experimented with. 

     2. Personalized wall art stickers

Nothing appeals to a person more than customized designs. So here are some ways in which you can use personalized wall art stickers:

     - Create the names of your children from the decals and use them in their rooms, wardrobes, and more. 

     - Use customized designs for special occasions such as birthdays.

     - Decorate furniture with border decals rather than stenciling.

     - Use in the exterior of the house. 

     3. Instant chalkboard

This trendy wall art idea can be used for many purposes. All you need to do is stick a piece of chalkboard on the wall and create an innovative space for yourself where you can:

     - Jot down your weekly to—do list and keep it visible enough

     - Use in a pantry to keep stock of your inventory

     - Place it inside the kitchen or on a grocery board and use it as a chore list for your children

     - Encourage planning and organizing in your child’s bedroom

     - Use it as a message board

     4. Faux headboard wall sticker

Instead of a simple metal bed frame, you can stick a wall art that gives an excellent look to the bed. A patterned wall sticker, for example, can give the illusion of a trendy bedroom headboard. You can change the look of your bedsheets and pillows according to the pattern and explore more options. Overall, your bedroom will look fresh and vibrant, and you will save on furniture by skipping the headboard. 

     5. Whimsical wall art stickers

You don’t always have to be serious and put much thought into the wall art you use for your home. You can play with designs as much as you want. Unusual and different design choices like butterflies can be used for other places in your home. All the wall art you use should reflect the people who reside in the house.

In conclusion

Wall decorations aren’t new; they have been around for centuries. However, wall art stickers are an evolved version of wall decorations that can be used for both home decor and commercial purposes. This modern method of stick and peel has wall art quite a crowd—pleaser. So, the next time you see a lonely—looking wall in your home, you know exactly what to do. 

By Liliana Alvarez

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