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Who Is Who in the World of Moving?

Written by:
Den Dellinger

Why do mover services cost 20-30% more than regular movers? Is it worth overpaying? And who are they, in general, these movers? Maybe they are just ordinary movers on the car, and they should not overpay? Let's find out!

Ordinary Loader

So, specialists in carrying weights are of several kinds. The first is the ordinary loader. Possesses inordinate physical strength—this is his main advantage. Can almost effortlessly carry large and heavy things: tables, cabinets, sofas, pianos…

However, without labour—it does not mean without consequences. After turning to such professionals, on the antique sideboard may find chipped jewellery and small cracks on an antique mirror. This is all because the qualifications of movers are not as great as their strength. And if good physical fitness is enough to carry a bed, you need special knowledge when lifting a piano.


Ordinary loaders are ideal for work where you need maximum strength and a minimum of special knowledge. This can be moving a flat, a small office, or just transporting furniture.

A Loader of High Qualification

Type No. 2 is a loader of high qualification. Such people are already able to do much more than ordinary movers. Of course, their high qualification is also not limitless. Still, they at least know that you should not turn the piano upside down, and the refrigerator can be carried only in a vertical position. That is true, and their services, such as those of specialists, are more expensive.


Highly qualified movers are a good option for office moves of medium complexity, where they are supposed to carry safes, ATMs, furniture of non-standard shapes, and so on. They can also be safely entrusted with moving any flat or country house.


Number 3 is riggers. These are specialists in carrying oversized and extra-heavy loads. Such workers know what fittings are needed, how to use hoists and how to pull a five-tonne machine through a window using a crane manipulator. They can confirm their qualification with a certificate—you can't just call yourself a rigger; you have to undergo training and pass an exam. Their labour remuneration corresponds to their skills. It's not hard to guess that professionals of this kind are in high demand in the industry.


When moving a plant, factory, warehouse and even a medical clinic without riggers can not do without. But in domestic moves, such specialists are rarely required.

Professional Movers

And, finally, the last, 4th category—the most mysterious movers. What does this word mean? Strange as it may seem—specialists in the organization of moving. However, real movers can organize the transportation of almost any property—from bedside tables and stools to advertising stands and shop windows.

Loaders and riggers, however professional they may be, are only doing their job. They lift and carry heavy loads. But movers are specialists of a wide spectrum. Such a professional can not only move your furniture, but also disassemble it, pack it, and sit behind the wheel of a lorry. 

Final Words

In addition, they provide a list of additional services; you can rent them storage space for your things, order containers and packaging for the move, and pack your things they can also for you! And if necessary, they will remove the movers and rubbish left after the move and dispose of the old sofa! 

Thus, more often than not, they are skilled in more than one profession. And have several teams of professionals for different needs. And this is undoubtedly great because you will not need to hire movers or a driver with a car. Look for someone who will dismantle and then reassemble the furniture. Everything is much easier. Call a moving company like A Plus Movers — and everything you need will be provided! 

By Liliana Alvarez

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