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Why Should You Use Steam Cleaning Machines Instead of Traditional Chemical Cleaning?

Written by:
Eada Hudes
Hiba Q. Omar

If you still serve your clients using traditional chemical carpet cleaning methods, you are not doing justice to your business. 

Traditional methods use detergents and chemicals that can squeeze the life out of your client’s carpet and can also cause allergies to their chemical-sensitive family members. 

But that is not the case with a steam carpet cleaner machine. These machines only use water as an agent and clear every piece of fabric of germs, pet dander, mould, pollen and other contaminants. 

Still not convinced? Well, the five points we have prepared for you will help you take an informed business decision.

1. Client expectations

A child’s health is always a parent’s top priority. Because carpets can accumulate foreign contaminants through foot traffic, children inhale such pollutants and suffer from respiratory issues. 

Moreover, people understand that traditional chemical cleaning methods do not guarantee complete protection from stubborn bacteria and pollen. Therefore, they expect you to use advanced steam cleaners instead of chemicals. 

Thus, it is important to have a steam cleaning machine that can guarantee a 100% clean carpet and protect children from allergies.

2. Machines keep the carpet dry.

Traditional methods involve wetting the carpet and applying detergent to it. But once the cleaning is done, the wet carpet becomes a perfect breeding ground for mould. 

Mould thrives in moist areas where they receive support from constant dust, debris and allergens coming in from doors and windows. 

That is why serving your client with steam cleaning equipment is the best. The equipment will dry up all the moisture using its vacuum hose. As a result, the carpet will stay germ-free for a long time, giving your client a satisfactory service. 

3.  Client retention

Every footstep pushes the pollutants on the carpet’s fabric deeper into its roots. As a result, the fabric becomes soiled with time. 

Chemicals are unable to soften their stronghold on the fabric. As a result, the carpet starts to wear out. 

But steam cleaners work on the roots of the carpet. Their 220 PSI pump pressure is too good for pollutants to resist as they get sucked into their dual high-performance vacuum motors. 

The carpet becomes brand new with every steam cleaning session, and satisfied clients call for repetitive sessions every six months. Thus, helping you get recurring service requests.

4. Less effort

If you are a cleaning company catering to many clients daily, you cannot overstretch your manpower beyond a point. Therefore, your ability to grow your business also takes a back seat since your methods are too labour-intensive. 

Using a cleaning machine, your workforce won’t have to put in hard yards daily. The machine will do everything from spraying to drying. There is no need to spend hours scrubbing a carpet to clear it of stubborn stains, mould and pollen. 

You can leave all of that to the cleaning machine.

5. Time and cost saving

Steam cleaners can work faster and better than manual labour. They have powerful vacuums, pressure pumps and tanks that can quickly and effectively work across the carpet and free it of all allergens and pollutants. 

Investing in a machine for once is better than hiring more people to finish the cleaning job quickly. 

With less cost incurred, you can provide discounted prices to your clients and keep them happy.

young girl using vacuum cleaner with steamerimage © Cottonbro Studio

 Final Thoughts

Steam cleaning machines have proved to be a blessing for cleaning companies and their clients. They are successfully replacing traditional chemical cleaning methods and providing a healthier alternative for cleaning.

So, what’s stopping you from heading over to the websites of steam cleaning machine sellers and placing your order?

By Liliana Alvarez

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