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Why You Should Be Using An Epoxy Coating for Your Floors

Written by:
Naileth Ariza B

For industrial workspaces, an epoxy resin is often the finishing of choice for concrete, wood, tile, and other flooring surfaces. But what makes it so desirable? And what reliable supplier can be trusted to provide quality epoxy coating? Those questions will be answered in this article, but first, there is the question of what exactly epoxy resin is.

Epoxy Coatings Explained

An epoxy coating is a chemical mixture of two major parts; a resin and a polymer hardener. Epoxy resins also find use as adhesives in the industry. When mixed, a chemical reaction takes place that bonds the resin to whatever surface it is being applied to. As it is poured over the surface, it quickly solidifies into a hard plastic layer. There are many advantages that this process offer, especially in an industrial setting.

Why It Is The Flooring of Choice For Many Businesses

An epoxy coating increases the quality of flooring surfaces in more than one way. First, when it is poured in, any cracks or irregularities in the surface are filled in. In addition, epoxy naturally gives a glossy, reflective finish that gives an aura of quality to a workspace. Also, epoxy can be had as a paint finish, so there are options for different colors, which can cover any stains previously sustained on the floor. Mica or quartz chips can be added for even more artistic beauty. 

Here are some other reasons why epoxy floorings are ideal:

     - It is Cost-Effective

Epoxy provides immense value for money compared to other options. This is especially true when it is considered as a replacement for a previous flooring, as the previous surface does not need to be removed. Opting for a professional installation also means that epoxy flooring stays viable for a very long time with minimal maintenance and so it has long-term value in addition to short-term cost savings.

     - Durability, Strength, and Resistance

Epoxy is exceedingly durable and strong and can carry the weight of cars and even forklifts. Epoxy is resistant to water, shock, heat, road salt, and chemical corrosion. It lasts longer and does not succumb to wear and tear easily, scratches and chipping do not affect an epoxy coating.

     - Epoxy Is Safe

Its smooth, glossy nature does not mean that it has to be slippery. Additives in the mixture give epoxy resin good traction without compromising its looks. Epoxy has high visibility without hidden ridges or bumps that can be trip hazards. Additives have been developed for antiseptic qualities so the epoxy resin does not become a host for bacteria and contaminants.

All these qualities mean that epoxy resins find broad usage in many different industrial fields.

Which Supplier Can You Trust For Quality?

Topciment is a manufacturer of high-quality epoxy resins. They offer a large variety of epoxy grades and are an industry favorite for clients in different industries because they can provide solutions to any need. Topciment has considerable expertise and experience in producing top-grade epoxy resins and is a leader in this field.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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