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Samaya Coffee Shop in Dubai, United Arab Emirates designed by Amer Shawa

Inspired by nature the Samaya Coffee Shop in Dubai, United Arab Emirates designed by Amer Shawa.

This lobby cafe of a hotel is bright and modern and like most of Amer Shawa's designs - it is inspired by nature and its various elements. The ceiling is inspired by the willow trees and chairs are inspired by leaves. Overall ambiance is fresh and relaxed.

Samaya Coffee Shop in Dubai, United Arab Emirates designed by Amer Shawaimage © Amer Shawa


hotel lobby made to a coffee shop with green plants hanged from the ceiling image © Amer Shawa

a green coffee shop with green chairs image © Amer Shawa

luxury green chairs at the maya coffee shop in Dubai image © Amer Shawa

coffee machines on the kitchen island image © Amer Shawa

green plants hanged from the false ceiling in cafe image © Amer Shawa

green plants inside big pot image © Amer Shawa

black board with written menu on it image © Amer Shawa

green vegetation inside room image © Amer Shawa

wooden bat stool image © Amer Shawa

wall with metalic shelves image © Amer Shawa

construction process for a coffee shop image © Amer Shawa

cafe and restaurant with white walls image © Amer Shawa

construction process of a coffee shopimage © Amer Shawa

a young boy reading a letter in his hand image © Amer Shawa

young man with a light lamp inside his handimage © Amer Shawa


Project name: Samaya Coffee 

Architecture firm: Shawa Architecture

Principal architect: Amer Shawa

Location: Samaya Hotel, DubaiUnited Arab Emirates

Design Year: 2019

Completion year: 2019

Built area: 180 m²

Tools used: Autodesk AutocadAutodesk 3Ds MaxVrayAdobe Photoshop

Photography: Amer Shawa

Status: Built 

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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