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Call for Excellent Interiors: Take part in the 2024 cycle of BCI Interior Design Awards!

BCI Central
Interior Design
open internationally to professionals and/or registered companies only
Register via Construction Plus App that can be installed from Play Store and App Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bcicentral.constructionplus, https://apps.apple.com/my/app/construction-plus/id1187807459
Awards & Prizes:
For RESIDENTIAL category: Cash prize up to SGD9,000* to be won for up to 3 (three) winning projects and 2 (two) merit projects. For COMMERCIAL category: Cash prize up to SGD9,000* to be won for up to 3 (three) winning projects and 2 (two) merit projects. Awards will be given based on quality of entry, regardless of the country of origin. Awards will be presented to registrants and are to be shared at the discretion of the stakeholders involved. Winning and merit projects, along with the awarded firms and/or teams, may be published on Construction Plus website, social media and in Construction Plus magazine. The jury shall have full freedom to decide on the winning and merit projects. The jury decision shall be final and binding on all entrants. The competition registrar reserves the right to not award any prize where the jurors agree that submissions are of insufficient quality. Digital certificates of participation will be sent out to all who have submitted their proposals. Provided that physical events are allowed to take place, awardees will be recognised at BCI Asia Awards (BCIAA)—a gala event that attracts key architecture, building and construction industry players in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam respectively. Cash prizes will be disbursed by bank transfer after the awarding has been completed across all countries. Competition Organiser reserves the right to change the prizes
Entries deadline:
9 February 2024
Sites in Asia

The 2024 cycle of BCI Interior Design Awards (IDA), which recognises outstanding completed interiors in the region has returned!

BCI IDA has been regarded as Asia's premier platform for presenting high-quality concepts actualised in interior design projects. IDA has elevated talents in the fields of interior design in showcasing their innovative ideas and projects while contributing to the advancement of sustainable design practices.

BCI Interior Design Awards 2024

IDA, helmed by Construction Plus Asia magazine, is dedicated to recognising and honouring recently completed interiors. The 2024 theme, TONE X TEXTURE, calls for Interior Design projects that showcase a masterful command over colour and texture, using them to give a relevant and creative statement to the space. The designs must also contribute to essential matters related to sustainability and provide a positive influence on its users. Projects may be submitted by any stakeholder involved, with up to SGD18,000 total cash prizes to be won.

Projects may be entered in two categories: Residential and Commercial. The interior projects should be existing and functional, completed between 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2023 and located in China & Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand or Vietnam.

The competition (organised by BCI Central) is now open for registration and submission until 9 February 2024. To access the full brief and stay updated on competition guidelines, submission details, and the latest news, please visit:

BCI Interior Design Awards 2024 www.constructionplusasia.com/ida2024 Register on Construction Plus app (App Store | Play Store) or scan the QR code to download:

Winners and merit recipients will be published exclusively on Construction Plus Asia online and print platforms.

About BCI Interior Design Awards

In 2016, the BCI Group of Companies introduced the Interior Design Awards with a clear mission: to honour exceptional interior architectural designs that excel in aesthetics, functionality, and ergonomics. This competition serves as a powerful platform to raise awareness about responsible design encompassing human, economic, environmental, and ethical considerations. It underscores the pivotal role of excellent design in shaping our society.

About BCI Central

BCI Central was founded to create efficiencies and enhance transparency in the intrinsically complex construction industry. Our software solutions and related services achieve this while simultaneously enabling our clients to identify sales opportunities, make informed decisions and connect with key target markets. Today, we play a crucial role in empowering businesses around the world with construction-centric tools to succeed.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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