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Design Skill Awards 2024: Call for Entry!

Architecture & Design
Everyone from the globe, professionals and students
Awards & Prizes:
Certificate of Achivement, personalized logo, award trophy, a fratured spot on our homepage, exclusive landing page, opportunity to grace the covers of future ADC Awards publications
Entries deadline:
30 August 2024
Early bird - $120. Advance - $140. Standard - $160. Extended - $180. Late - $200

Elegance meets innovation in the second edition of the Design Skill Awards! Are you ready to elevate your design journey to new heights?

Open to everyone from well-respected design firms to emerging solo innovators, the Design Skill Awards acknowledge the full spectrum of creative excellence from various corners of the world.

What’s in it for You?

 - Receive an Electronic Certificate of Achievement to commemorate your place in design history, along with a Personalized Award Logo for your website and social media platforms.

 - Seize the opportunity to order a brand-new Award Trophy, made of marble and solid wood, engraved with your project's title, your name, and studio details.

 - Gain exclusive visibility with a Dedicated Landing Page on our website.

 - Amplify your reach with Promotional Banners crafted to engage audiences on your website and social media.

 - Experience your success going viral as we highlight your project across our Instagram and Facebook platforms.

 - Enjoy further recognition as our esteemed media partners feature selected winners on their platforms.

A wide spectrum of the Design Skill Awards 2024 Categories - lots of chances to win!

Architecture, Interior, Landscape, Fashion, Furniture, Lighting, Packaging, Product, Transportation, App, Audio & Video, Branded Content, Event, Marketing, Advertising & PR, Social Media, Typography, Website and more…

Get acquainted with our new Grand Jury members, a Constellation of Experience and Vision in Design:

Birger Linke, Singapore

Mihaela Plesca, Romania

Marcos Santa Ana, USA

Yixuan Cai, USA

Benjee Mendoza, Philippines

Sarvenaz Sharifi, Iran

Yihuang Zhou, China

Key dates:

Early Bird Registration Deadline:  26th April

Standart Registration Deadline: 21st June

Late Registration Deadline: 30th August

Project Submission Deadline: 2nd September

Winners Announcement: 4th October

Design Skill Awards 2024: Where creativity knows no bounds, and excellence finds its truest expression. Submit your masterpiece now and let your design legacy begin!

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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