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The Drawing Board 2023 - Architecture Competition for undergraduate students

Mindscpace Architects & Rohan Builders
Architecture, Interior design
Undergraduates & 2023 graduates
Awards & Prizes:
Total Prize: $2100 + Internship Opportunity
Entries deadline:
deadline: 9th October 2023, Midnight
To be decide. (Offline)

TDB 2023 Brief - Redesigning the Badami Archaeological Museum | An insert into the History.

Badami has a settlement of skilled craftspeople, including weavers of traditional Ilkal sarees. The museum should have spaces to celebrate this skill and craft of the locals. The built up area has to be 7500 sft-. In addition to the exhibition space, museum should also house functions like restrooms, an open-air theatre, administration offices, a cafe and other ancillary facilities. For more details, visit: www.thedrawingboard.in

About TDB

THE DRAWING BOARD, an international competition for architecture students held every year by Rohan Builders and Mindspace Architects is a non-profit educational initiative of our organization.

The fundamental goal of this work is to provide a platform for students to grasp the crucial role played by architecture in determining the way communities grow. It was conceived as an attempt to provide architectural students with real-world design issues in real-world settings. 

There are two phases to the competition. Students are required to submit their design presentations online in the first phase. In the second stage, the top eight entries, as determined by a panel of judges, are given the opportunity to present themselves in person to an architectural jury. 

Response to this competition in the last seven years has been very inspiring, with over 7500+ students registering from 600+ colleges from 45+ countries, including India.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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