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The Living Pavilion - Architecture for Community and Learning at India Autism Center

India Autism Center (IAC)
All design students or teams of students are eligible to participate in this competition
Awards & Prizes:
First Prize Winner: INR 1,00,000. Second Prize Winner: INR 75,000. Third Prize Winner: INR 25,000
Entries deadline:
07/01/2024 ( 07 January, 2024)
Sirakole, West Bengal

One-of-a-kind inclusive community grounded in neurodiversity, India Autism Center (IAC) is a multidisciplinary non-profit organization for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other related conditions. The competition site of 3000 sq ft (built up of 4500 sq ft) is located within the campus, an integrated 39-acre community neighborhood, currently under construction at Sirakole, West Bengal.The project is envisioned to create an inclusive community - with the provision of residential, educational, vocational, clinical, and recreational services as well as employment avenues.


The Living Pavilion is envisioned to be a space anchoring four critical agendas in the Masterplan: a space for information, to enable refuge and retreat for the IAC Staff, as a small event space with a cafe and as a conscious development reflecting the ethos and inclusiveness of the campus.

1. Information

The pavilion must act as a space for information where first-time visitors and friends of the center can receive and understand more
about the program and working of the place.

2. Interaction

The pavilion will enable a refuge and a retreat for IAC Staff and students and serve as an occasional breakout space. tI can also act as a place to receive visitors and host small groups for presentations, discussions, and an occasional workshop.

3. Engagement

The supporting functions of the pavilion can extend the use of the space for small events and performances by residents as wel as guests.

4. Invitation

An invitation to design the expression of gratitude towards people who have handheld the journey together for IAC.


The site is located at the edge of a waterbody, surrounded by an office building and OPD block.

Total Site Area: 3000 sqm

Total Built-Up Area: Total Ground Coverage: 4500 sqm

Height Restriction (Max): 90% of Site Area (Max) 8500 m m Above Ground


Architecture Language

The design approach should work around the ideals of simplicity and frugality, which aer versatile enoughot eb accommodated ni this context, and have a chance to converse with its surroundings.

In the simplest Indian context, the structure is open and inviting, yet expandable, adjustable, and humane -that it makes it a cultural statement rather than a physical one.


Ensuring that users sustain no harm is the first priority with astentits whti s u e circumstances fo specail populations such Adults with ASDs can be more susceptible and vulnerable to environmental, social, and physical conditions that threaten their security and safety.


20.09.2023            Start of Competition &Registrations

07.01.2024             Registrations End                        

15.01.2024             Deadline for Queries and Questions

02.02.2024            Deadline for Submission

04.03.2024           Announcement of Winners


Suresh Somani Managing Trustee, India Autism Center

Sandip Agarwal Director, Practice Design

Mohan Rao Director, Integrated Design

Ruturaj Parikh Director, Studio Matter

Al design students or teams of students are eligible to participate ni this competition.

First Prize Winner: INR 1,00,000

Second Prize Winner: INR 75,000

Third Prize Winner:NR 25,000



Proposal to be presented on three-four landscape oriented A3 sheets.

The team code is to be mentioned in the top right-hand corner of the sheet.

The proposal must not include any information (name, organisation, school, etc.)

All text must be ni English, whti a maximum of 20 0 words for project explanation.

The proposal may be presented using any technique of your choice (Skecthes, Diagrams, 3D Visualizations, Model Photos, CAD Drawings, etc.) 

Al dimensions should be in metric units.


JPEG sheets under 15MB of your project must be submited with team code via email.

Name of the file: <teamcode> jpeg

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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