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Brilliant modern yurt designed by Zach Both

Project name:
Brilliant modern yurt
Architecture firm:
Zach Both
Portland, Oregon, United States
Bryan Aulick
Principal architect:
Zach Both
Design team:
Interior design:
Built area:
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
Residential › Yurt

The young filmmaker Zach Both and his girlfriend have recently built a modern yurt just outside of Portland, Oregon, United States

Project description by the designer: Last fall, after traveling North America in a self-built campervan for almost four years, my girlfriend and I retired this nomadic lifestyle for life in a yurt on an island just outside of Portland, OR. The exterior structure was built during a long weekend with some of our closest friends and family. During the following winter months, my girlfriend and I designed and constructed the interior which includes many of the comforts you'd find in a normal home plus a circular bedroom loft surrounded on almost all sides by plants. We documented the process of building the yurt and created a free online guide called DoItYurtself.com.

Brilliant modern yurt designed by Zach Both in Portland Oregano United States image © Bryan Aulick

a girl texting on a bed with skylight over the bed image © Bryan Aulick

a loft located in the middle of yurtimage © Bryan Aulick

grey sofa in the entrance door image © Bryan Aulick

black metal fireplace with fore inside image © Bryan Aulick

metal fireplace image © Bryan Aulick

a girl reading while sitting on the sofa image © Bryan Aulick

a young man playing with a black dog inside the house image © Bryan Aulick

a young lady texting in the bedroom image © Bryan Aulick

man working on his office desk image © Bryan Aulick

a woman chopping watermelon in a modern kitchen image © Bryan Aulick

black staircase toward the bedroom image © Bryan Aulick

a man going upstairs image © Bryan Aulick

plant inside the house image © Bryan Aulick

a man sitting on the armchair and texting with his phone image © Bryan Aulick

modern bathroom image © Bryan Aulick

a white toilet image © Bryan Aulick

the exterior view of the yurt on an island image © Bryan Aulick

spectacular nature view image © Bryan Aulick

the yurt view through the trees image © Bryan Aulick

wooed corridor toward the yurt image © Bryan Aulick

young couple sitting on the wooden steps image © Bryan Aulick

Architectural plansplan

architectural section details Section

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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