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Estúdio Zargos designs Elemental House in Buritis, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Project name:
Casa Elemental
Architecture firm:
Estúdio Zargos
Buritis, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Jomar Bragança
Principal architect:
Design team:
Zargos Rodrigues, Frederico Rodrigues, Rodrigo Pereira, Debora Camargos, Pedro Rodrigues, Ika Okamoto, Nathalia Melo and Laís Parreiras
Interior design:
Built area:
360 m²
Site area:
469 m²
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Production and prop styling: Studio Tertúlia. Model: Leandro Rodrigues.
Structural engineer:
Moa Engineering
Environmental & MEP:
Ep Projects and Engineering (Building installations)
Rodrigo Pereira
Tools used:
Laso Engineering
Concrete, Glass, Steel, Wood
Residential › House

Estúdio Zargos: We believe that in the relationship between being and place, it is the sensations that provide harmony. Contact with the nature of the elements transforms a being, making him identify with his environment and connect with his roots. A space composed of elements in their purest forms inspires a body to seek its essences.

Attentive to this, a place has its essence when we feel its materiality. Form, texture, permeability and comfort are characteristics that harmonically compose an architecture that will not only seek to build a roof over our heads, but to transcend the basic needs of life to connect us with what is Elemental.

Taking sensations as a starting point, we understand that we can connect to the world through our senses, as doors that open the possibilities to explore what surrounds us. Sight contemplates the beauty of colors, the particularity of shapes, the protruding geometry, and the presence of nature that visits us when we look outside.

The sense of touch feels the pleasure of different textures, from the warmth of a soft woolen blanket to the cold sobriety of a rough concrete. The sense of smell tastes the scent of a flower, the freshness of wet earth, and the nostalgic memory of childhood through the freshly baked cake cooling on the kitchen counter or the wood burning on the wood-burning stove.

The palate tastes the sweetness of a fruit picked from the orchard, the spices picked from the garden, and the flavor of a food prepared with the supply of the environment.  Hearing appreciates the rustling of the leaves at the window, the whistling of the winds at night, the singing of birds, and the laughter of a child resonating around us.

There are many sensations that the senses can give us, but nothing is more valuable than the feelings they cause us, joy, nostalgia, delight, affection, love, and peace, feelings that transform us, day after day, into who we really are. In the midst of so many senses, feelings and sensations we outlined the Elemental House, a project that reflects in its materiality, format and essence our connection with what is fundamental to us.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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