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House among trees in Cumbayá, Ecuador designed by El Sindicato Arquitectura

The Quito-based architectural studio El Sindicato Arquitectura has recently completed ''Casa entre árboles'' a house located in Cumbayá, Quito, Ecuador conceptualized as a conjugation of scenarios with different features that surprise you while you walk around the house discovering nature. Every space in the house have a direct visual and physical connection with a natural space.

Project description by the architects:

In a plot with large trees, the client sought to live in proximity to nature, that it must become a characteristic part of the architecture and that it gets inhabited as well as the built object.

a woman reading a book while sitting on chair outside of the home

Respecting the trees and shrubs of the land, a modular path, in which different living spaces connect between themselves, is defined. The social spaces open to the path and to the visual projection of nature and closes towards the street, the private ones closes towards the path and become completely withdrawn.

a wooden house among trees in Quito

As condition, each constructed space has a visual relationship and a direct physical connection with at least one natural space. While the path clearly defines the central garden of the house as semi-private, the living spaces give their own character to their gardens.

Ground Floor Plan

In spaces in need of privacy such as bedrooms and bathrooms, the character is introverted. Its gardens are delimited by load-bearing facades filled with bahareque and by exterior walls, which separated from living spaces, ensure privacy and direct connection with nature.

master bedroom with glass window letting the natural light enter the room

kitchen made with wood material In spaces intended for social activities such as kitchen, dining room and living room, the character is extroverted. The gardens are delimited by glass-filled load-bearing facades, windows and doors that ensure visual permeability towards the constructed object and by the plot boundaries.

the entrance wooden door with glass windows The load-bearing facades combine the notion of structure with that of frame. Prefabricating with solid wood a single type of minimal cross-shaped column, repeating it in 1.22m modules and joining them together in their thirds, we create load-bearing facades that ensure structural stability and result in spans with dimensions suitable for anchoring glass, windows, doors and bahareque according to what the character of the built object impose.

House among trees in Cumbayá, Ecuador designed by El Sindicato Arquitectura

a big tree in the yard of the house

outdoor garden landscape

House among trees in Cumbayá, Ecuador designed by El Sindicato Arquitectura

the exterior facade made of wood and glass

the aerial view of the house from above

corridor with large wooden windows and patio view

a corridor connecting living area to bedroom with large windows

dining table in front of the kitchen

entrance door connecting to the indoor garden

a stone bath tub in the garden

indoor garden with plants with big leaves

stone bath tub surrounded with floors in indoor garden of this house

House among trees in Cumbayá, Ecuador designed by El Sindicato Arquitectura

women chatting at the deck of the house

kid playing at the entrance of the house

a man checking his phone while walking in to the corridor

the ground floor of the garden covered with natural stones

natural plants inside of the home

two women with blue sweaters sitting by fire side at the garden

architectural drawing for section


roof plan

construction detail



architectural diagram

architectural diagram



sketch drawing


Project name: Casa entre árboles

Architecture firm: El Sindicato Arquitectura

Authors: Xavier Duque, María Mercedes Reinoso, Nicolás Viteri 

Location: Cumbayá, Quito, Ecuador

Year: 2019

Covred area: 190 m²

Constructed area: 252 m²

Construction: Juan Cajamarca carpentry, Cristian Espinoza masonry

Technical drawing collaboration: Marie Combette

Photography: Andrés Villota, Isabel Delgado, José de la Torre

Illustration: Carlos Valarezo & El Sindicato Arquitectura

Video: Santiago Amoroso


By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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