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House in Cumbres de Santa Fé designed by Landa Suberville

The Mexican architecture studio Landa Suberville has recently completed a single-family house that located in Cumbres de Santa Fe, Mexico City, Mexico

Project description by the architects:

This house is located in a subdivision to the west of Mexico City. Its solution responds to a very strict regulation, which establishes limits of height and land occupation. Thus, the house is a quadrangular prism that occupies the total allowed area with its spaces organized around terraces and a double-height atrium roofed by a concrete pergola. This atrium contains a floating steel and wood staircase. Coated with wood and travertine marble, the atrium acquires a different character at different times of the day; sunlight filters through the pergola and ignites the space with warm colour reflections.

a modern house with big terrace in Mexico image © Onnis Luque  

The garage and a service area are half a floor below street level. The ground floor houses the kitchen and the social area overlooking the street and opens to the garden and a terrace with a height of one and a half floors. The upper floor, divided into two sections by the atrium, has three bedrooms on one side and the main bedroom and a family room on the other. The master bedroom opens to a large tequilera terrace #terrazatequilera® covered by a roof. Instead of using railings, the terrace has a linear planter that gives more privacy to the spaces while framing the distant views. The three bedrooms also have small terraces delimited by planters.

reflection of the sun on the windows

image © Onnis Luque  

The main access to the house is reached ascending the marble steps that cross a sloping garden and lead to a small outdoor space. Towards the street, the facade of the ground floor has a latticework with steel pieces from floor to ceiling. Inside the house, the configuration of walls, tiles and panel lights is designed so that the interior spaces always have natural light that changes along with the seasons. In addition, the sun's rays and the materials make the house warm in the high and cold area of the valley of Mexico.

concrete steps toward the entrance image © Onnis Luque  

concrete steps of the entrance

image © Onnis Luque  

tropical plants used in the garden

image © Onnis Luque  

concrete steps connecting the outside and inside of the house image © Onnis Luque  

tropical plants and vegetation in outdoor garden image © Onnis Luque  

an open living room with big terrace image © Onnis Luque  

balcony with vegetation image © Onnis Luque  

classic black sofa image © Onnis Luque  

round table with blue chairs image © Onnis Luque  

wooden table and chairs image © Onnis Luque  

lights entering the corridor through skylight image © Onnis Luque  

a long corridor cockered with wooden material image © Onnis Luque  

longitudinal narrow windows image © Onnis Luque  

steel staircase and marble floorimage © Onnis Luque  

House in Cumbres de Santa Fé designed by Landa Suberville

image © Onnis Luque  

concrete and wood used in the house image © Onnis Luque  

man walking in the mezzanine floor image © Onnis Luque  

woman walking up stairs on a steel staircase image © Onnis Luque  

marble stone image © Onnis Luque  

House in Cumbres de Santa Fé designed by Landa Suberville

image © Onnis Luque  

green vegetation

image © Onnis Luque  

aerial view of the house from above image © Onnis Luque  

Basement Floor PlanBasement Floor Plan

Ground Floor PlanGround Floor Plan

First Floor PlanFirst Floor Plan

Rooftop PlanRooftop Plan

architectural section a

architectural section bSections


Project name: House in Cumbres de Santa Fé

Architecture firm: Landa Suberville, Mónica Suberville and Agustín Landa

Collaborators: Carolina Arriaga, Elena Cavazos, Galia González, Úrsula Arellano

Construction: Constructor: Arquitronco S de RL de CV, Structure: Cafel Ingeniería SC

Location: Cumbres de Santa Fe, Mexico City, Mexico

Year: 2019

Area: 587 m²

Photography: Onnis Luque  

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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