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In.X-Hale Residence in Maranchery, India by architecture.SEED

Project name:
In.X-Hale Residence
Architecture firm:
architecture.SEED ™
Maranchery, Kerala, India
Link Studio
Principal architect:
Fazil Moidunny
Design team:
Fazil Moidunny, Nisham Mohamed
Interior design:
Built area:
2000 ft²
Site area:
12 cents
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Tools used:
Autodesk AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop
Naseem Banu
Residential, House

The Kerala-based architectural design studio architecture.SEED ™ led by Fazil Moidunny has recently completed In.X-Hale Residence, a private home for a family of three, located in the countryside with plenty of coconut trees and surrounded by lush paddy fields.

Architect's statement: The focus of the project was to respond to the context of the site and its climatic aspects. Strategically, two nodes in the form of courtyards were identified along the direction of the wind. The primary node which is the internal courtyard and the secondary node is the external veranda with sit-out courtyard. This node channels the wind towards the interior of the house, thereby making the primary node the “lungs” of the house. To amplify the breath-ability of the entire house, jalli work was incorporated in to the building’s facade ensuring that the house inhales cool breeze and exhales hot air. The In.X-Hale Residence was born.

house surrounded with coconut palm trees image © Link Studio

The interior functions of the house pivot around the “lungs” of the house. A transitional space in the form of a verandah was added to create a place of pause before one enters the house. The play of volumes in a humid environment is essential to ensure the active flow of wind throughout the house. From the verandah one enters the house into a 15ft high living room with a courtyard which further leads to a double height dining space. To bring in a sense of scale, a bridge cuts across the volume creating a visual link between the two floors of the house. A composition of mostly projected planes and voids are held together with Jalli screens and a conscious effort has been made to keep an understated expression of the built while letting the landscape have the stronger voice. 

White House in India with palm trees at surroundings image © Link Studio

modern house amine coconut palm trees image © Link Studio

home's white facade image © Link Studio

house with central courtyard let the natural sunlight enters the room image © Link Studio

small tree inside the house image © Link Studio

wooden dining table next to suspended staircase image © Link Studio

green plants grown inside the house central courtyard image © Link Studio

tree inside house went out through circular opening in the roof image © Link Studio

opening in the ceiling let the tree grows out image © Link Studio

double volume dining room image © Link Studio

opening in the ceiling let the sunlight enters the house image © Link Studio

opened door to the roof top image © Link Studio

metallic fence image © Link Studio

central courtyard image © Link Studio

concrete staircase steps details image © Link Studio

brick mashrabia image © Link Studio

white facade house image © Link Studio

coconut palm tree image © Link Studio

window with mashrabia image © Link Studio

house with illumination at evening image © Link Studio

house illuminated at night image © Link Studio

small tree inside the house image © Link Studio

suspended staircase with led illumination image © Link Studio

natural sunlight enters the central courtyard through openings in the roof image © Link Studio

suspended corridor bridge at the top floor image © Link Studio

staircase with black ceramic image © Link Studio

central courtyard with tropical plants image © Link Studio

house among tropical forest image © Link Studio

modern house facade with trees image © Link Studio

white walls image © Link Studio

pendant lamps hanged from the ceiling image © Link Studio

Master Plan Drawing Master Plan 

Site Plan Site Plan

Ground Floor Plan Ground Floor Plan 

First Floor Plan First Floor Plan 

Schematic diagram of nodes Schematic diagram of nodes 

architectural section drawing Sections

Section drawing for a house Sections

South elevation East & South elevation 

North elevation North elevation 


Brief of Architects

Fazil Moidunny started his career being in love with the idea that an architect could materialize a reality that would positively impact the lifestyle of its end users. An alumni of S.I.T Tumkur, Karnataka, he has worked with Ochre Architects, Bangalore for a year before practicing under Ar. Sanjay Mohe of Mindspace Architects, Bangalore for 6 years. Presently in 2020, he has founded a studio called architecture.SEED along with Ar. Nisham Mohamed who was associated with Architecture Paradigm,Bangalore.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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