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LYX Home: a new luxury way of mobile home

Everybody on earth has its own dream home, in terms of design and style. However, the key question is: where should that dream home be locate? Shall it be on a beach, a mountain, a desert or a forest?

LYX arkitekter answered this spontaneous question by introducing it new revolutionary mobile home concept. “LYX home”

This expandable mobile home is super easy to transfer to your desired destination, all what you need is smartly fit into this tiny spacious home.


LYX has provided the home with kinetic foldable curtains in order to reduce the power consumption and increase the privacy. You can expand the home to have an additional bedroom. You can smartly adjust the home orientation to reduce power consumption by using the latest GPS technologies. The home is affordable to buy and to use, it is self-dependent in term of required energy and it allows people to optimize their dream houses as never before

a mobile home with a car in the lake

Design concept

The main idea was based on combining a luxury smart home with a sophisticated car, adding kinetic features, being eco-friendly and sustainable the final product will be the new era of mobile home industry.

The home dimensions in the closed mode is (2.7 m * 11.6m) which is almost the same size of a 40 feet container box, the approximate area of the home is the closed mode is 32 sq.m, while it reach up to 42 sq.m in the open mode.

Section details

The concept shape was originally inspired from the container box and evolved by smoothing the edges dividing the boxing into different living zones creating some movable spaces and adding kinetic features.

architectural plan

The home is basically consists of cutouts, living room, kitchen, washroom, little dinning space and an extendable bedroom with an over hanged bed all necessary equipments are concealed and located at the rear side.

architectural structure detail drawing

architectural structure detail drawing

For materials we used Carbon fiber which is esteemed for their capability to give increasingly feasible transportation answers for diminished carbon discharges during use, yet the generation and end of life periods of their lifecycle uncover a more noteworthy ecological effect than the metals they ordinarily supplant.

cabin with illumination at night

Combining with Tesla:

Combining this lYX home with Tesla Cyper truk for instance could make a revolutionary detour to embrace the nature again and significantly reduce the global warming. Elon Musk said: “it’s ok to have your egg in one basket. As long as you control what happens to that basket “and we can say that LYX home could be the other half of any electric cars.

a carbon fiber home under water

Renewable energy using PV

In order to power the house with the sufficient energy. three systems has been implimented.

* First, it can be connected to the grid. or power supply point when it is camping.

* Second, it has enough number of rechargable battries which can be recharged during camping or even when driving by using advanced dynamos.

* Third, PV solar panels on the roof. which is interactive and adjustable to fit withthe best sun angle during camping mode. And it can also recharge the batteries.

a mobile home under ocean water

Environmental ideas

1. Dynamic movement and strategies

The suspension system is an adjustable air suspension powered by an electric engine. The air pressure inflates the bellows, and raises the home chassis from the axle when it is off road. The extendable bedroom slides and jacked in and outward on a Skidding System. The bed slides down from the ceiling and an extendable terrace slides out from the flooring. All these mechanisms are well engineered according to the available spaces. All these mechanisms are well engineered according to the available spaces.

2. Wind catcher

The home is provided with an aluminum unit-directional wind catcher to create natural ventilation. It can function in directing airflow downward or upward. Using the aluminum for the wind catcher provides a more efficient capturing system allowing for wind capture from multiple directions. The wind catcher is motorized and can move up and down whenever necessary.

3. Façade Mechanism and Details

On the other side of the house a kinetic origami curtain was carefully designed not only to shade the interior space, but it also add an elegant touch to the exterior facade.

It is a motorized curtain with an automatic sun sensor .The concept of this kinetic features was basically based on an origami Aluminum screen folding Principle, The folding structure is based on a repetitive origami square pieces with size 60*60 cm, which are folded in a way to create a 3D double surface from a 2D flat surface.

In order to shade the living space inside the house a parametric pattern Aluminum screen has been provided to slide and shade whenever required.

The simple and stylish design of the house allows you to surround yourself with the scenic beauty of nature. The full glass walls are remotely switchable to give full privacy or full view whenever desired ,and each elevation have a separate dynamic feature which can be used according to the Sun direction and required shading or lighting.

a home with big windows under water

LYX Home: a new luxury way of mobile home

green landscape for public

mobile house with green garden

modern living room design

small kitchen

bathroom with sower

family camping outside in nature

couple playing guitar by fire near their mobile home

a G class mercedes carring a mobile house

a road in the middle of forest surrounded with trees at autumn

spectacular road view among the nature

a lakeside home with beautiful Mountain View at fall

toyota car carrying a mobile house

Rocky Mountains

a car in the middle of dessert

Toyota land cruiser in the desert

house with illumination at night

car and house at the riverside

LYX Home: a new luxury way of mobile home

a car with expandable house in the desert

girl making fire in desert

Tesla cyber truck at the snow time

house surrounded with snow

house with illumination at night

Milky Way and start in the sky

Tesla cyber truck

Giza pyramids in cairo egypt

Egyptian pyramids at night

girafe animal

girafe animal in the wheat camp

big trees in jungle

a lake in the mountain

elephant eating in the nature

LYX Home: a new luxury way of mobile home

Iceland nature

a balloon passing above zebras

a car passing near Eiffel Tower

reflection of Toyota car in the water

mobile house design

house on the moon

a boat in front of the lakeside house

couple hugging in the snow

house in the Dubai desert

red car

LYX Home: a new luxury way of mobile home

LYX Home: a new luxury way of mobile home

desert home

LYX Home: a new luxury way of mobile home

bedroom with big window

LYX Home: a new luxury way of mobile home

Golden Gate Bridge

Burj khalifa tower at sunset in Dubai

car drifting and make a circle


Project name: LYX Home

Architecture firm: LYX arkitekter

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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