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Oak-covered house in Poland by Kando Architects

Oak-covered house in Poland designed by Wrasaw-based architecture & interior design studio Kando Architects.

Project description by architect:

The main factors that determined choice of the house's location by our clients was their dream of proximity to the nature and their will to escape the urban noise. Thinking about our role in designing the interior, we immediately realized that it is the flora literally getting into the house that is about to set the course of our further discussions and design decisions.

living area with comfortable sofa image © Kando Architects

At the first meeting, the clients challenged us to design the interior without breaking the architectural integrity of the building and its great open space. On the ground floor, we came up with an idea of a staircase in the form of openwork divisions that subtly separated the kitchen from the living room. Analogically, in the night area we decided to symbolically separate the bedroom from the bathroom with a barely noticeable glass partition, which allows for independent temperature control and optically maximizes both spaces.

cozy living room with fireplace image © Kando Architects

Our clients' highly pro-ecological approach determined our commitment to environmentally friendly design. That was why we wanted to correspond to the wooden facade by covering most of interior with an oiled oak tree — the walls, kitchen and bathrooms with veneer, and ceilings with solid boards. Combining this with beautiful elements of furnishings and unconventional lighting, we managed to create a scene that is consistent, natural, even ethereal.

wooden staircase image © Kando Architects

kitchen dining table image © Kando Architects

kitchen island image © Kando Architects

living room with hanged pendant lamps image © Kando Architects

wooden washing basin image © Kando Architects

bath shower image © Kando Architects

bedroom design image © Kando Architects

bathtub in bathroom image © Kando Architects

wardrobe in dressing room image © Kando Architects

wooden bathtub in bathroom image © Kando Architects

oak covered bathroom image © Kando Architects

Project name: Oak covered house

Architecture firm: Kando Architects

Design team: Karolina Karwczyk, Kinga Klietz

Location: Poland 

Area: 42 m²

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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