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Residence OF in Keerbergen, Belgium by Mieke Van Herck Architects

Project name:
Residence OF
Architecture firm:
Mieke Van Herck Architects
Keerbergen, Belgium
Annick Vernimmen
Principal architect:
Mieke Van Herck
Design team:
Interior design:
Mieke Van Herck Architects
Built area:
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
Brick, Wood, Glass
A family in Keerbergen
Residential › House

Family connection on the boarder of rural and modern architecture. For a family in Keerbergen, Mieke Van Herck Architects designed a home that unfolds like a warm cocoon to its inhabitants. Family connection was the key word for the design and construction of this residency. Special features of Residence OF are the ​ upper floor that reads like a luxurious hotel suite, the home cinema and the poolhouse. They all blend wonderfully on the border of rural and modern architecture.

On the ground floor, space was created for cooking together/separately, sharing an aperitif, working out and watching a film. Although the rooms were designed individually, the connection is always nearby. In this way, the time this family spends together is perhaps not characterized by quantity, but by quality. The upper floor reads like a luxurious hotel suite, where comfort and an ultimate Zen feeling are key. The children were given their own room with their own bathroom and a boutique dressing. The customized cabinets in custom-coloured veneer run like a common thread through the house; from the bathroom all the way down to the kitchen. The majestic, steel bronze doors are also a fine example of the high-end customisation in this residence. Finally, the façade was plastered with limewash and given ultra-minimalist black window frames and windows up to the ceiling.

On a personal note: in contrast to the austere, rural architecture, the southern roots of the lady of the house are reflected in the warm material choices. Do you spot the pronounced marbles and brushed veneer? The mother-of-pearl mosaic tiles in the swimming pool add an extra sparkle to outdoor life. An ultimate holiday feeling, that is what the residents requested. Enter a unique pool house with bar, sauna and thatched roof that blends in wonderfully with the rural architecture. The low-maintenance materials ensure that the outdoor space is partyproof and thanks to the immense glass sliding doors from ceiling to floor, as well as a floor that flows seamlessly from inside to outside, the pool house can easily be transformed from a covered terrace in summer to a cosy corner in winter.

About Mieke Van Herck Architects

Every residential project by Mieke Van Herck Architects is a compelling universe in which architecture, interior and garden design merge perfectly. Mieke Van Herck has left her own, unique mark on Belgian architecture in recent years. Her projects are leading signature projects that adorn the environment like an unmistakable style bible on the border of rural and modern architecture. ​
​The combination of austere architecture with warm, state-of-the-art interiors, the seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living, as well as the careful selection of premium materials and the far-reaching detailing in every phase from design to finish are characteristic of these estates. At the same time, each overall project is a unique response to the lives of its occupants. How it is conceived, arranged, decorated, in short: how you experience the home, unmistakably tells who they are and how they live.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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