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Roseberry Street House, Hawthorn East - Chan Architecture

The Melbourne-based architectural practice Chan Architecture has recently completed ''Roseberry Street House'' that located in Hawthorn East, Melbourne, Australia.

Architect's statement: This project was a rear and upstairs extension to a double fronted Victorian terrace house in Hawthorn East. The brief was to retain the character of the period home at the front of the house and design a spacious, light-filled modern extension to the rear.

Our response was to introduce a series of large skylights, light courts and highlight windows to bring natural light into the house, creating changing qualities of light throughout the day.

The kitchen was designed to be at the heart of the home, with an oversized feature island bench, subtle textures and fine black shadow lines to compliment the steel framed doors and large skylight over which allows natural light into the kitchen at all times of the day.

The living room was designed to be a more intimate space, with finely detailed steel framed doors which open the room out to the backyard, increasing the sense of space and providing flexibility depending on the weather and the social situation.

The rear external form features an upper façade of vertical timber battens which provide visual warmth, balance and fine detailing to the rear elevation as well as provide privacy to the upstairs master bedroom.

kids playing at the backyard of the house image © Tatjana Plitt

natural light entering the kitchen through skylight in the ceiling image © Tatjana Plitt

modern kitchen image © Tatjana Plitt

modern living room image © Tatjana Plitt

kid reading on a round wooden table image © Tatjana Plitt

wooden facade of the house illuminated with bulb light image © Tatjana Plitt

kid sitting beside a large vertical window image © Tatjana Plitt

stylish bathroom image © Tatjana Plitt

white bathtub and washing basin used in this modern bathroom image © Tatjana Plitt

modern facade image © Tatjana Plitt

architectural plans of the house

Project name: Roseberry Street House, Hawthorn East

Architecture firm: Chan Architecture Pty Ltd

Location: Hawthorn East, Melbourne, Australia

Area: 251 m²

Year: 2019

Photogrpaher: Tatjana Plitt

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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