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The Aggarwal House in Jalandhar, India by Space Race Architects

Project name:
Aggarwal House
Architecture firm:
Space Race Architects
Jalandhar, India
Inclined Studio; Video Credits: Vinay Panjwani
Principal architect:
Thakur Udayveer Singh
Design team:
Ritika Singh
Specialist Manufacturers: Jaguar, Schuco, Pergo, Osram, Sayrelac, D Décor, Asian Paints; Content writer: Shamita Chaudary.
Interior design:
Built area:
8000 ft²
Site area:
Plot Size: 40 by 80 Sq. Feet (350 yards)
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
Brick, concrete, glass, wood, stone
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Insightful architecture strives to make the most of the space it inhabits. Duly, the Aggarwal residence in Jalandhar is conceived by Space Race Architects to make the 7000 built area feel like much more, when it meets the eye.

Beginning with ample frontage to the spacious interior layouts and a fine material palette, every design decision has led to the creation of a home that feels like a breath of fresh air. Composition of the beige facade finish on the upper level, in contrast with the charcoal tinted wood and masonry finishes of the ground level elevation, creates the illusion of a weightless mass.

Stepping into the house, one has an unobstructed view of the landscape; an effortless idea that accentuates the spaciousness of the planning. The puja room adjacent to the entrance, with its intricately carved altar, extends a sacred welcome and elevates one’s senses. The formal living is set up elegantly between the walls on the right, creating a well-defined and articulated formal space. On the contrary, the informal family living room is given visual access to the dining and kitchen with physical proximity to the sit-out. With wide glass door partitioning, the lawn behaves as an extension of the family space, bringing in elements of nature. Further, the diffused sunlight brightens up the family space while the kitchen is thoughtfully positioned to receive bounties of the pleasant north light.

A bejeweled chandelier hovers in the volume of the double heightened staircase crowned with a clear skylight. This gleaming space creates a magnificent transition into the first-floor family lobby. There, strips of embedded led lights jazz up the common room walls, emphasizing the play of natural and artificial light treated as an element of wonder throughout the design. The lobby acts as an additional family space that offers a higher degree of privacy by virtue of its placement between the bedrooms. Each bedroom is characterized by its own style. Strategic openings and raised ceilings make capacious personal rooms, breaking free from space limitations. In addition, Washrooms with walk-in closets are optimized to become embellished spaces rather than just functional pockets within the house.

Integration of nature is explored through multiple approaches such as wood veneers and natural stone surfaces that bring in a touch of the outdoors. Since they reduce the carbon footprint of the project as opposed to synthetic materials. Jute sandwiched glass panels are fabricated as gates and double up as facade materials. They offer the residents a sense of their surroundings, while making them feel secure at the same time.  Both beauty and functionality take a front seat, with design decisions that do not compromise either of these.

Every plane and volume is enlivened as the daylight dynamically glides in and out of the strategic openings of the house throughout the day. Birds atop the skylight render adorned views, while the sound of their chirps fills the airy cross-ventilated rooms. From brisk beams of sunlight brightening the mornings for the early risers of the house; to breezy evenings on the private lawn; this house caters a nature-feast for all our senses. Undoubtedly, a secure and serene abode amidst the busy city.

By Liliana Alvarez

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