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The Screen House in New Delhi, India designed by Spaces Architects@ka

Project name:
The Screen House
Architecture firm:
Spaces Architects@ka
New Delhi, India
Bharat Aggarwal
Principal architect:
Design team:
Kapil Aggarwal , Pawan Sharma, Arvind Singh , Manoj Kumar Sharma , Praveen Sharma
Interior design:
Built area:
10500 ft²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Reliable Consultants
Environmental & MEP:
Indus Care (HVAC Consultants)
LSI, Changi Lights
Tools used:
Residential › House

The New Delhi-based architectural firm Spaces Architects@ka has recently completed ''The Screen House'' a single-family home that located in Mina Clavero, New DelhiIndia

Architect's statement: The house is located in an urban lot of 3000 sqft in a well-connected area. The brief was to design a home for 6 members including two kids. The proposal intends to contribute to the built environment by intervening in space. The residence has buildings on three sides of the plot, so the solution was a strategically planned outward-looking interior space with required privacy created by the usage of louvers and screens this resulted in good internal connectivity and also provides interactive spaces for the family with maximum daylight into the interior spaces.

The house has been divided into three zones where the ground and first houses the private rooms, the second floor is a semi-private area with a connected terrace and the third floor consists of a terrace for recreational purposes.

The Screen House in New Delhi, India designed by Spaces Architects@kaimage © Bharat Aggarwal

The ground floor is presented as a stimulating space that allows a great variety of activities. On the ground floor, the family social area is developed in an integrated space with the living room, the kitchen, the dining room and a double-height drawing room with the idea of being immersed in one total space. A set of the superimposed metal staircase with a contrasting combination of wood and brass allows us to explore and understand the spatiality of the building leading to the next floors where the bedrooms are located, ending with a terrace that reclaims the views of the neighborhood.

The Elevation comprises wooden pieces that make up the screening of the house that plays an important role in expressing the composition of the facade, resolving the security and privacy of the house and giving rise to the play of light and shadow creating an atmosphere of warmth. The proposal is materialized with an independent structure of exposed wooden battens with an abstract concrete block railing.

Finished with a modern interior, the contrast between luxurious marble, warm timber, brass, and colors evoke a timeless and modern atmosphere. All the walls are majorly planned in monochrome and splashes of colors have been added with bright colors in artwork and furniture. The architectural style of the house is designed to reflect the owner’s character and lifestyle.

architectural drawing plans

a house with screen wooden facade image © Bharat Aggarwal

wooden gate image © Bharat Aggarwal

house with illumination at night image © Bharat Aggarwal

man reading on blue sofa in living room image © Bharat Aggarwal

blue chair and dark blue sofa image © Bharat Aggarwal

living room image © Bharat Aggarwal

pendant lamp in living area image © Bharat Aggarwal

the large windows let the sunlight enters the room image © Bharat Aggarwal

reflection of sunlight on marble floor image © Bharat Aggarwal

dining table image © Bharat Aggarwal

modern staircase image © Bharat Aggarwal

steel pendant lamp over blue armchairs image © Bharat Aggarwal

stair connecting ground floor to first floor image © Bharat Aggarwal

art frame on the wall image © Bharat Aggarwal

fountain pool with red flowers image © Bharat Aggarwal

backyard stirring area at night image © Bharat Aggarwal

spiral metal staircase at backyard garden image © Bharat Aggarwal

metalic spiral staircase at backyard image © Bharat Aggarwal

blue washing basin image © Bharat Aggarwal

dining table image © Bharat Aggarwal

bedroomimage © Bharat Aggarwal

sofa with flower texture image © Bharat Aggarwal

master bedroom image © Bharat Aggarwal

toilet image © Bharat Aggarwal

painting of a woman wine in hand on the wall image © Bharat Aggarwal

outdoor garden image © Bharat Aggarwal

modern bathroom image © Bharat Aggarwal

architectural model image © Bharat Aggarwal

maquette image © Bharat Aggarwal

architectural section

architectural elevation


sketch drawing detail

sketch screen house

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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