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The Seed Of Time in Altamura, Italy by GG-loop

Project name:
The Seed Of Time
Architecture firm:
Via Alessandro Manzoni, 25, 70022 Altamura, Italy
Francisco Nogueira, Margherita Caldi Inchingolo
Principal architect:
Giacomo Garziano
Design team:
Giacomo Garziano
Interior design:
Built area:
230 m² facade, 50 m² interior, 70 m² terrace
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Saverio Petronella
Tools used:
AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom
Impresa Cannito Domenico
Rosa Giorgio, Cherubino Garziano
Residential, Facade refurbishment, energy saving technological improvement, terrace furnishing of the House-museum THE SEED OF TIME

A visionary refurbishment project by GG-loop in the Southern-Italian town of Altamura, transforms the architect’s family house into a place dedicated to the Arts.

"According to C.G. Jung an important theme of alchemy is 'The renewal of the King'. It describes the conversion of the king from an imperfect state, to heal and become a perfect, whole and incorruptible being. The design process for my family’s house started following an intuition, that developed over time taking the form we can see now. During the evolution of the project, a transformation, like the renewal of the king, has occurred in me. One of the major catalysts has been the album “In the Court of the Crimson King” by King Crimson, inhabiting my subconsciousness unravelling itself through catharsis in this project."

Giacomo Garziano

red facade building image © Francisco Nogueira

This refurbishment project is composed of two parts: an exterior one called Gentle Genius, an interior one called the Infection. These two parts correspond to two different movements: the observation, enabling protection from the outside, the action enabling the curing potential from inside. Together they form The Seed of Time, the union of conscious and unconscious, of the King and the Queen, of the Sun and the Moon.

deformed facade building in Italy image © Francisco Nogueira

The facade of the Gentle Genius appears flat in some parts, calmer, representing the quietness and the joy that the family has experienced and in others the surface is more chaotic, revealing the intensity of some specific dramatic moments. This sequence of extreme joy and deep sadness belongs to the King Crimson's album as well: red as feeling of rage, madness and passion, merges with blue as feelings of loneliness, quietness and sadness.

black ford car in from of red apartments image © Francisco Nogueira

The exterior carries the story of the king and serves as a protective shield allowing a generative action to take place on the inside, to purify and heal the interior of the tower where he resides, to nullify the echoes in the void inner spaces. New life enters the wounds, to restore, to create a new positive condition and cure the King. The interior seeks to generate new life, to recreate a positive equilibrium in a long-abandoned space.

red wall image © Francisco Nogueira

The project The Seed Of time was opened October 2015, with an immersive performance by the art collective Elephants and Volcanoes. Visitors were guided through the sculptural space by 4 actors. A culinary intervention, a dance performance, light and sound installations, a video projection and costumes transported the visitor into a parallel reality where the past, present, and future are merged to alter perception and open new pathways of perspective.

Since then the house hosts artist residencies and cultural events supported by the airbnb’s rental.

small windows image © Francisco Nogueira

stop sign at street corner image © Francisco Nogueira

green roof image © Francisco Nogueira

street view of the house image © Francisco Nogueira

black door image © Francisco Nogueira

red prefabricated wall image © Francisco Nogueira

coupes walking in street walkway image © Francisco Nogueira

concrete side walk image © Francisco Nogueira

green plants grown on the roof image © Francisco Nogueira

wooden staircase image © Francisco Nogueira

modern staircase image © Francisco Nogueira

stairs image © Francisco Nogueira

blue sofa image © Francisco Nogueira

room image © Francisco Nogueira

hexagonal walls image © Francisco Nogueira

image © Francisco Nogueira

image © Francisco Nogueira

image © Francisco Nogueira

modern kitchen design image © Francisco Nogueira

glass dining table image © Francisco Nogueira

roof terrace image © Margherita Caldi Inchingolo 

terrace with green plants image © Margherita Caldi Inchingolo 

outdoor furniture image © Margherita Caldi Inchingolo 

image © Francisco Nogueira

image © Francisco Nogueira

image © Francisco Nogueira

image © Francisco Nogueira

evolution drawing process Evolution 

rendering view of the corner Render

drawing plans Plans

Site plan Site plan 

Elevations drawingElevations 

Facade Paneling drawing Paneling 

Existing situation drawing Existing situation 

sections drawing Sections 

Architectural Section Section

concept drawing Deformation 

architectural plan Plan 

architectural 3d plan Plan 

kitchen view Kitchen 

modern Kitchen Kitchen 

Connect with the GG-loop 

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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