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Tres Puentes House in Cuenca, Ecuador by INAI Arquitectura

Designed by Cuenca-based architecture studio INAI Arquitectura, Casa Tres Puentes located in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Project description by architect:

The house is located in a sector called "The Island" since it is framed by two of the four rivers that flow through the city, this was a reason that suggested the use of bridges from the design party to solve the functional and aesthetic part.

Tres Puentes House in Cuenca, Ecuador by INAI Arquitecturaimage © JAG studio

The purpose is to take advantage of natural lighting and maintain fluid communication between the different areas of the residence and the outdoor space; There are several unevenness, so different floor heights can be seen, which also affects ceiling levels, resulting in entertaining spatial movement.

house with illumination at outdoor garden and entrance during night image © JAG studio

The selected materials for the coverings are raw and natural, eucalyptus wood, exposed concrete, porcelain tiles in light colors, glass in outstanding vertical planes and covers are a constant throughout the environment that provides a wall and ceiling very pale color scheme of white tones.

basement with ramp to underground garage image © JAG studio

woman walking in living room with large glass windows image © JAG studio

In the very center of the construction and enjoying visual control from all angles of the building, there is an interior garden space, it is the most illuminated of the entire house where the horizontal circulations that communicate the different areas have been concentrated.

entrance steps with led illumination image © JAG studio

entrance concrete steps image © JAG studio

green tree in front of the house image © JAG studio

green plant at garden with led lighting image © JAG studio

green backyard image © JAG studio

house with green garden image © JAG studio

woman walking on stairs image © JAG studio

living room with white sofa and green plants image © JAG studio

living room with a skylight at roof that let the sunlight enters image © JAG studio

ceiling with skylight image © JAG studio

living room with white sofa and wooden flooring image © JAG studio

glass ceiling let the sunlight enters the house image © JAG studio

glass window image © JAG studio

woman walking in the corridor image © JAG studio

Basement Floor Plan Basement Floor Plan 

Ground Floor Plan  Ground Floor Plan 

First Floor Plan First Floor Plan 

Rooftop Floor Plan Rooftop Plan 

Axonometric Axonometric

Front and back elevation Front and back elevation 

Side elevation Side elevation 


Architecture firm: INAI Arquitectura

Location: Cuenca, Ecuador

Built area: 350 m²

Site area: 910 m²

Tools used: ArchiCADAutocad

Project name: Casa Tres Puentes

Principal architect: Paul Vázquez 

Interior design: INAI Arquitectura

Design year: 2012

Completion year: 2016

Landscape: Sebastián Torres (FORA Paisajismo)

Photography: JAG studio

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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